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DBCC FREEPROCCACHE – What is the impact.

Here is a question that I received from a friend today and I thought it would be a good post explaining the details: Steve, I have a question on DBCC FREEPROCCACHE.  I used sp_blitzcache from Brent and it shows that

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Database Health Monitor Beta 8.1 Released Today

Today Database Health Monitor Beta 8.1 released.  After the beta 8 release about three weeks ago there were a couple small issues discovered that have been addressed in Beta 8.1 Beta 8.1 was release to fix some obsolete code from

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Database Health Monitor – Beta 8 – Soft launch

Today I launched Database Health Reports Beta 8 as a soft launch. What I mean by the soft launch is that other than updating the DatabaseHealth website and this blog posting, I haven’t done much to promote it.  Why you

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Database Health Beta 7 Released – Featuring SQL Technical Debt Analysis

I have been working on Beta 7 over the last 3 months, and it is finally ready.  Beta 7  has been released today featuring the addition of the SQL Technical Debt reporting.  Besides the SQL Technical debt reporting, the other area

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Suggest An Idea for Database Health Reports

As I get ready for Beta 7 to launch I have decided that for Beta 8 I will focus on feature suggestions from the users of the Database Health application.  I have created a feedback system for users to suggest their

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It is finally here. Beta 1 of the Database Health Reports for SQL Server.

In October last year I started work on the Database Health reports project.  It started out as a series of SSRS reports that I released and updated in December 2011 to March 2012.  After that it became clear that the

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Preview of the Table Size Advisor

As I get the Database Health project ready to release as a beta, more of the components are coming together.  For instance shown here is the Table Size Advisor which can be accessed from the Disk Space Report. In this

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Index Defragementation and Management

As I have been creating the Database Health project over the last couple of months, I have discovered that my favorite part of the whole project is the index defragmentation part of the project.  This has turned out to be

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