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Database Health Monitor – July 2016 Release

I have just released version 2.4.3 the July 2016 version of Database Health Monitor. You can download it now at the Database Health Monitor website. http://DatabaseHealth.com/download Since the releases have been coming about monthly lately, I have decided to add

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Using SQL Server Compressed Backups

The Quick Scan report in Database Health Monitor detects when you are performing SQL Server backups without compression, when the compression option is available. This applies to Full backups, Transaction log backups and Differential backups. Not using compressed backups? Why not?

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Database Health Monitor – Historic Waits

With the recent release of Database Health Monitor Version 2.0 I have decided to focus on of blogging about the features and benefits of the Database Health Monitor application. There are some incredibly valuable features that are often overlooked. The

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Database Health Monitor Version 2 Released

After 4 years of beta and 5500 installs of Database Health Monitor beta releases in the last 2 years, Database Health Monitor version 2 is finally complete. It is no longer in beta. If you are curious about the history

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Database Health Monitor Version 2 Almost Done

Over the last 4 years I have been working on the Database Health Monitor. I am about a week away from releasing Version 2, which will finally be out of the beta process. In preparation for the release I am

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A great day at PASS Summit today.

I started out the day with the keynote presentation with some great info on PASS and the PASS volunteers, followed by Microsoft presenting  on in memory tables, and native compilation for stored procedures, described and demonstrated as “Wicked Fast”. Next

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Query To Simulate CPU Load

Quite often when working testing different performance measures from the Database Health Reports to testing Resource Governor configuration I end up in a situation where I need to emulate a high CPU load on my test SQL Server. In this

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Making Progress on the Server Health Re-write

Originally I implemented the  Database Health Reports as a series of SQL Server Reporting Services reports, which was very handy and easy to create, but hard to distribute in a way that they could be shared and customized to the needs

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