Using the TSQL CHOOSE Function

Here is a short video tutorial that shows how to use the CHOOSE function in T-SQL on SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014 or Newer. This was originally part of my free SQL query training for the 70-461 certification exam. Here

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SQL Sunday Fun – Word Search with New T-SQL 2012 Functionality

    Click on the grid to enlarge, then print it. Find the following words in the grid up, down, left, right, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. ROWS  RANGE  PRECEDING  FOLLOWING  UNBOUNDED  IIF  CHOOSE  OFFSET  FETCH  FORMAT  CONCAT  SEQUENCE  PARSE  TRYPARSE 

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SQL Saturday Presentation

I am at SQL Saturday in Vancouver BC today. Here is the download of my presentation. Download zip file. Here is the presentation outline. OVER Clause Enhancements ROWS PRECEDING, FOLLOWING, UNBOUNDED RANGE PRECEDING, FOLLOWING, UNBOUNDED IIF – Immediate IF or

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TSQL 2012 CHOOSE Function

In SQL Server 2012 there is a new function called CHOOSE that takes in an offset, and a list of options.  Choose is a function that returns the item at a specific index. Syntax: —CHOOSE(index, val_1, val_2, val_3, …) —If

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