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Database Health Monitor October 2017 Version Released Today

With over 2000 downloads since the last updated to Database Health Monitor, I figured it was time to get another release of the product out. New Features in 2.6 Added a Job Schedule instance level report. Added an option on

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Database Health Monitor – May 2017 version released today

Today I had the opportunity to release the May 2017 update of Database Health Monitor. This release is version 2.5.4. There are some new cross-instance reports available to allow you to check on your backup and CheckDB work on all

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Database Health Monitor – January 2017 Version Released

Today we released the Database Health Monitor January 2017 version. You can download it for free at http://DatabaseHealth.com/Download. This update includes  some new branding with new logos, new icons, and a new splash screen, as well as the usual feature

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Database Health Monitor Version 2.4 Released

If you haven’t tried Database Health Monitor Version 2.4 might be a good time to try it out. Five and a half years of my development time has gone into Database Health monitor, and hopefully the features will show it. Here

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Database Health Version 2.2 Released Today

Today I have the pleasure of releasing the next version of the Database Health Monitor application. Currently at version 2.2, I have been working on this since 2011, and I have introduced some new features in the latest version. Visit

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Database Health Monitor Version 2 Released

After 4 years of beta and 5500 installs of Database Health Monitor beta releases in the last 2 years, Database Health Monitor version 2 is finally complete. It is no longer in beta. If you are curious about the history

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Database Health Monitor Beta 10 Released

Today I am happy to announce that Database Health Monitor Beta 10 has been released. Click here to go to the download page. The following changes have been made since Beta 9.3. New Features Updated new, fresh icon. Adding filegroup

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Database Health Beta 9.3 Released Today

Today I had the pleasure of releasing Beta 9.3 of the Database Health Monitor. It has been a whole week since the last beta update, and here is the outline of the new features and bug fixes. Download at DatabaseHealth.com

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Database Health Monitor Beta 9.2 Released Today

I released Database Health Monitor Beta version 9.2 today.  No new features, just lots of bug fixing. I don’t want to make it sound like database health reports is unstable, it is very stable, however with any software there are

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Database Health Reports Beta 9 – Released

Today I have released beta 9 of the Database Health Monitor. It has been 27 months since the release of Database Health Beta 1, and almost 4 years since the original SSRS implementation of Database Health reports. To be honest

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