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Uzility Board Background Images

Uzility is introducing the new board background images. Anyone using Uzility can set a custom background image on any of their boards. This is a new per user setting, allowing for the personalization of the agile board that everyone should

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New Uzility Card Designs. Which do you prefer?

As we have been building the Uzility agile product, we have been following agile development principles, following the release early, release often and get customer feedback. There have been things that we have tried, and things that we have learned from,

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How Kanban Software Makes Backlog Grooming Simple

By: Steve Stedman CEO at Uzility Software Some of the first backlog grooming meetings that I participated in as a scrum master were extremely painful. I would be working with multiple product owners and many of them weren’t using the

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Specifying Acceptance Criteria

  I have worked with some agile product owners who when the write user stories, the like to go epic on the acceptance criteria, in fact when you read their acceptance criteria it almost looks like a complete functional specification

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Agile Definition of Done and Doing Dishes

Agile Humor, a true story of agile clashing with teenage chores. I just had a conversation with my teenage son regarding what “doing the dishes” means, which evolved several user stories which included the following using the As a ___

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What software tools do you use to manage your Agile workflow?

Last year I finally got fed up with the internal tools that I was using to manage Agile backlogs and Agile workflows, and I decided to build my own.   I first named it GroupScrum which was later renamed to

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What is a Kanban Board

A kanban board, agile board, or agile kanban board is a tool to display the status of tasks in the workflow process.  A cork board or sticky notes can be used as a offline kanban board. The image below shows a

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