Database Corruption Video – HA DR Chapter

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The following Database Corruption Video is from the High Availability Disaster Recovery Virtual Chapter Presentation on September 13, 2016.

Today I had the opportunity to present at the High Availability Disaster Recovery Virtual Chapter meeting on the topic of Database Corruption.  Here is a recording of the presentation.

Database Corruption Video

If you liked this presentation, please come to my session on Database Corruption at PASS Summit 2016 in Seattle.


You can download todays presentation and the sample code here: This includes the corrupt databases files as well as the sql scripts to fix them and the presentation material from todays session.


Database Corruption Challenges

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Need help with Database Corruption… That is one of my specialties. Contact me I can help resolve your corruption issues.

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Podcast Episode 60 : U-SQL

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I can’t believe that this was the 11th episode that I have been part of with the SQL Data Partners podcast with Carlos Chacon. Starting at Episode 50 we have been through some great episodes.

Here is a list of the episodes that I have been part of.SQL Data Partners Podcast


The topics this week was U-SQL. What is U-SQL you might ask? As part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite, it plays a role in the streaming analytics space–primarily in the Azure environment.

Listen to Learn…

  • The common use cases for U-SQL
  • How U-SQL relates to T-SQL and C#
  • The connection between U-SQL and big data
  • How to scale data using U-SQL
  • Environment requirements to get started

Listen to Episode 60 on U-SQL today. 

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Episode 59: Mirroring, Availability Groups, Replication, and Log shipping

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This week on the SQL Data Partners Podcast Episode #59 we discussed Mirroring, Availability Groups, Replication and Log Shipping. There were 4 of us on the podcast, two guests Mariano Kovo and Andy Mallon, along with Carlos Chacon and I. Each of us discussed one of the 4 options for having your data in multiple locations which are Mirroring, Availability Groups, Replication, and Log Shipping.

Some of the things we covered were:

  • How to use Mirroring to save money for your shop
  • The difference between Mirroring and Availability Groups
  • Why would I consider using Mirroring
  • The unique benefit of Replication
  • Why Log Shipping and Disaster Recovery work well together

This episode was a bit longer than our typical interview discussion, but we covered lots of interesting information, and discussed some of the differences between these topics. It was a fun and interesting show.

About Mariano Kovo
Mariano Kovo is an Argentinian SQL Server professional with Precision IT in Argentina. Read his blog (in Spanish) on Follow him on Twitter @Mariano_Kovo.

About Andy Mallon
Andy Mallon is a SQL Server DBA. He’s also the co-organizer of SQL Saturday Boston and co-leader for the New England SQL Server User Group. Follow him on Twitter @AMtwo and LinkedIn. His blog The Impatient DBA covers DBA careers, SQL Server, and T-SQL topics.

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The Use of WITH NOLOCK Query Hint

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TWITH NOLOCKhere is a great deal of confusion about the WITH NOLOCK query hint. The following is a transcription of a conversation that I had with Carlos Chacon on the SQL Data Partners Podcast #57 about the WITH NOLOCK hint, and some of the misconceptions about it. If you haven’t heard the SQL Data Partners Podcast you might want to check it out.


Carlos: So the next on is the WITH NOLOCK hint and I think this is on the list, ultimately, because there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

Steve: Absolutely, yes. The NOLOCK hint is one of my peeves on SQL Server, actually. I see it used a lot and really 99 percent of the time I see it used, people think that it’s doing something different than what it does. So, I heard the statement, “But I want to run a query in the production system but not impact or block anyone else. Shouldn’t I just use NOLOCK?” And the answer there is NO. The NOLOCK hint tells SQL Server to ignore other people’s query locks. Basically, to read dirty or uncommitted data at that point, which can lead to missing rows or phantom rows or data showing up in results. But it doesn’t do anything to stop the locking or the blocking in any way on the query that’s calling it. So it’s the equivalent of saying read uncommitted on a specific table that it’s referencing.

Read more ›

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Podcast Episode 58: Four Ways to Stay Sharp with Technical Learning

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This week on the SQL Data Partners podcastPodcast Episode #58, we focused on Four Ways to Stay Sharp with Technical Learning. Learning


I can’t believe this is the 8th in a row of the SQL Data Partners podcast that I have had the opportunity to co-host. This week we didn’t have a scheduled guest so it was just Carlos Chacon and I discussing the ways to keep up on your technical learning.

Part of the focus is that technical learning is so much more than just picking up a book, or going to a class.

The areas we focused on were:

  1. Get involved with PASS events
  2. Participate or engage the community in some way
  3. Teach someone else
  4. Network and reach out

One of my favorite quotes from the podcast regarding learning at PASS event.

And it’s not just getting database people together. It’s getting fun database people together. I’ve been to other conferences where it’s not a lot of fun. But if you go to PASS events and Summit and SQL Saturday, everyone’s having a great time. You get to know people, and you can make some lifelong friends there perhaps.

Another great way to learn is to listen to all of the episodes in the SQL Data Partners podcast. I know that I have listened to all 58 of the episodes so far, and every time I learn something new.

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Podcast Episode 57: the SQL Server Hit List – Our Least Favorite Features

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For this weeks SQL Data Partners podcast, Carlos Chacon and I followed up on one of the #sqlfamily questions that we usually ask at the end of the podcast.

If you could change one thing about SQL Server, what would it be?

The list that we came up with was:

  • Default file autogrowth settings
  • Default maintenance plans
  • Shrink database or Auto Shrink
  • NOLOCK Hints
  • Table Variables
  • Instance settings – Processors tab
  • SQL Server Log File Viewer
  • Sql Server Logs file history options
  • Spatial Data
  • Data Tuning Advisor
  • Activity Monitor

There was no guest this week, just Carlos and I discussing why we think these 11 things are problematic with SQL Server and should be changed, or better documented in one way or another. Check out Episode 57 today!

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This weeks podcast featuring Jessica Moss

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This weeks SQL Data Partners podcast, Episode 55,  is on (SSRS) Reporting Services Changes in SQL 2016. This episode features Jessica Moss, and the discussion is on some of the great new features in SSRS 2016.

SSRS 2016

One of the key take-aways from the session is how Microsoft has broken the report groups into 4 categories.

  • Paginated – Like what we are used to with older SSRS. Picture perfect page based reports.
  • Interactive reports – the analytical to dig in to answer a question.
  • Mobile reports – quick glance at things for a high level KPI.
  • Analytical reports and charts – excel.

With no major changes top SSRS from SQL 2008 to SQL Server 2014, the enhancements to SSRS 2016 are a very welcome improvement. Also in SQL Server 2016 – SSDT has been incorporated with the business intelligence version of Visual Studio.  You download one set of tools that gives you all the database and business intelligence tools.

For more information on this podcast see

About Jessica Moss

Jessica M Moss is an architect with New Market Corporation in Richmond, Virginia.  She is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, is a well-known practitioner, author, and speaker in Microsoft SQL Server business intelligence. Jessica has created numerous data warehousing solutions for companies in the retail, internet, health services, finance, and energy industries and authored technical content for multiple magazines, websites, and technical books. Jessica enjoys working with the central Virginia community and speaks regularly at user groups, code camps, and conferences.

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SQL Data Partners – Podcast with Argenis Fernandez

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In episode 53 of the SQL Data Partners podcast Carlos Chacon and I chat with Argenis Fernandez, storage guru and PASS Director-at-Large. We talk storage options, LUNs, IOPs, and why he thinks we all need to approach storage a lot differently.  This was a fun interview, I had a chance to learn quite a bit from Argenis. This might be one of those podcast episodes that I need to listen to twice for all that great information to soak in.

Some of the things we covered with Argenis…

  • Why Argenis thinks that drive letters are outdated… and what you should use instead
  • The “Argenis definition” of a LUN, IOPS, and more…
  • The information Argenis thinks all DBAs should know
  • The difference between LUNs, mount points, and data stores
  • How to partition your data files and logs in physical storage vs. in virtualized environments
  • How IOPS fits into the SQL Server storage environment
  • What you should worry about instead of IOPs

I love the reference to spinning storage (traditional hard drives) as spinning rust compared to flash storage.

Spinning Rust

Spinning Rust

So check out this podcast and the other episodes from SQL Data Partners.

Listen now…

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Speaking at PASS Summit 2016

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This year in October, I again have the privilege to speak at PASS Summit in Seattle. One of my favorite topics, Database Corruption was the session that was selected.

Here are the details.PASS Summit 2016

When Database Corruption Strikes

You database is running fine month after month with no problems. Suddenly someone reports that their query won’t run. They get an error stating “SQL Server detected a logical consistency-based I/O error”, or something even scarier. Do you know what to do now?

We will walk through three corrupt databases exploring ways to go about finding and fixing the corruption. More importantly we will explore how to prevent further data loss at the time corruption occurs. Learn what things you can do to protect yourself when corruption strikes. Learn how to avoid making things worse, and how to protect your data if things do get worse. You will leave with a checklist of steps to use when you encounter corruption. By the end of this session you will be ready to take on corruption, one database at a time.


This is going to be a fun session to present.

If you are going to PASS Summit 2016, please check out my session.

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Podcast Episode 52 – The R Programming Language

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Today we released Episode 52 on the SQL Data Partners podcast on the R Programming Language. You might remember a few weeks ago the announcement that I was joining Carlos Chacon as the co-host of the weekly podcast.

the R Programming Language R Revolution Analytics

Episode 52 on the SQL Trail with the SQL Data Partners podcast is with Ginger Grant (@DesertIsleSQL on Twiter) and the topic is the R Programming Language and Revolution Analytics in SQL Server.

This weeks podcast was a fun one for me. I have been hearing lots about R for a while, and I wasn’t quite sure what it is or how it integrates with SQL Server. I learned a bit along the way, and want to thank Ginger for sharing her knowledge of R with us.

Listen to learn more about the R programming language

  • How R got started and why it’s built the way it is
  • How Revolution Analytics transformed R into a useful data science tool
  • How the open source version differs from the Revolution Analytics version in SQL Server
  • How to use R alongside SQL Server

If you are a regular listener I think you will enjoy this episode. If you are not a regular listener, or haven’t heard the podcast before, give it a try it is very educational, and a great way to keep on on SQL Server topics.

After listening to the podcast is is now challenging to think about R without thinking about pirate jokes.


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