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As the startup teams head into the final stretch for the weekend, this is getting really interesting.

Our Team as a Minimum Viable Product in place on our website system at


We have a business model in place that can generate revenue today while also connecting designers with people who have 3d printers.


As we have worked through building the business we have been using the Agile/Scrum development methodology. Through this our sprints have been 1 to 2 hours. We have completed 10 sprints so far and we are working on sprint 11 now.


We have used a window and post it notes to manage our kanban board, and we have had stand up meetings at the start/end of each sprint.


Here is our work area at Big Idea Labs, and it is a great environment to work in.  Thanks Tyler for hosting this.



Betwen 5:00pm and 7:00pm tonight we will be presenting our business to the judges.

Visit the site, and please sign up, or follow us on twitter @3dconnect_co

Having a great time!

Startup Weekend End of Day Saturday

Wow, what a day!  Startup Weekend Bellingham has been a spectacular adventure.

Please Help Me Out… by taking a look at the site, and if you are interested in 3d printing please register on the site.  Don’t worry we won’t spam you.

The website we have built today is


First off, the business pitch.

Build a website business to connect people with 3d printers with those people who want to print 3d objects, but don’t have a printer.

The team:

I am one of six on a team.  Here is the link to the team page:

Revenue Opportunity:

Make a commission by connecting designers with people who have printers available.

Sell printing supplies online.

Here is a link to the site.

Do you want to print something to a 3d printer?

Pitch Fest Before Startup Weekend

Tonight I attended Pitch Fest at the Big Idea Labs  in Bellingham, and I was one of two winners of the pitch competition.


Pitch Fest is like a mini Shark Tank where you present up to a 3 minute pitch, followed by 3 minutes of questions from the 4 judges. However the difference between this and with Shark Tank is that with Shark Tank there are investors willing to buy into your idea. At Pitch Fest you get feedback on your pitch.

There were 9 presentations tonight for some very interesting ideas.

Two Winners

There were two winners announced tonight, my pitch was chosen as a winning pitch, and second winner was Ann who presented here product called TurdeeTote, which is a product for picking up your dogs poop when you are taking them for a walk. The Turdee Tote looks like a great product for people who walk their dogs.

My business pitch, if you missed it won’t be unveiled again until the pitches start for the startup weekend  tomorrow night.

One of the prizes for winning the pitch fest tonight was a ticket to attend the Bellingham Startup Weekend, which I have already purchased a ticket for. That leaves me with an extra ticket for the Startup Weekend. If you would like to attend the startup weekend, and you want to support my pitch let me know and I will give you my extra ticket to Startup weekend.

2 Days Until Bellingham Startup Weekend

Just 2 more days until the Bellingham Startup Weekend. It all starts off Friday night by pitching your ideas, then over the weekend building a startup.StartupWeekendI am looking forward to the startup weekend to meet other entrepreneurs and attempt to get my idea as a startup.

I have several ideas that I have been contemplating over the last several weeks, and I believe that I have it narrowed down to a single pitch now.

Time to get back to rehearsing the pitch so that I will be ready for Friday night, and the Thursday night practice Pitch Fest.

Join the team… Even though I am not going to give away the idea yet, if my idea gets accepted and if you are interested in working on my team, I am seeking the involvement of software engineers, web developers, designers, business development, social media marketing, and someone with business hustle.

Follow the #bhamsw tag on twitter for more details, or check back here, I will continue to post over the weekend, however posting updates will be lower priority than getting a project done.

Here are a couple of fortune cookies fortunes that I had tonight that seem to apply to the startup weekend.


Advanced CTEs Slides and Sample Queries

My second presentation at SQL Saturday in Portland Oregon is Advanced Common Table Expressions.

Here is the outline for the session.

1. Hierarchical Recursive CTEs
2. Manipulating Data
3. Common Use Cases
4. CTE Performance Considerations

Download the presentation and samples here:  Advanced

See Also:

Introduction to CTEs presentation

Introduction to CTEs Slides and Sample Queries

Today I am at SQL Saturday Portland Oregon, and at 9:00am I am presenting the Introduction To Common Table Expressions session:


Here is the abstract:

Have you ever wanted to create a recursive query, but didn’t see how to do it. With the Common Table Expressions session you will learn everything needed to start using CTE’s for recursive queries, as temporary views, and to use the result set multiple times in the same query. Learn how simplify query syntax using CTE’s. One of the most overlooked features of SQL Server is the CTE which not only simplifies the query, but gives you the ability to do things that would otherwise be impossible (or at least very challenging) with SQL Server. The class is designed for people who haven’t used CTE’s before, or for those who want to learn the basics of CTEs including data paging. This session pairs well with the Advanced Common Table Expressions session.

This session will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Memory Tables and CTEs
  • Simple CTE
  • CTE Instead of a Derived Table
  • Multiple CTE in a Query
  • Data Paging
  • CTEs in Stored Procedures, Functions and Views
  • Introduction To Recursive CTEs

At 10:45 I will be giving the Advanced Common Table Expressions Session.

Download the presentation here:  Introduction to

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