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How Kanban Software Makes Backlog Grooming Simple

By: Steve Stedman CEO at Uzility Software Some of the first backlog grooming meetings that I participated in as a scrum master were extremely painful. I would be working with multiple product owners and many of them weren’t using the

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Uzility Training Friday at 2:00pm Pacific time.

Friday at 2:00pm pacific time (US), I will be doing an hour long demo of the Uzility kanban board system.  This will be about a 40 minute long free broadcast showing how to use the Uzilty system. Here is a

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Kanban Boards for Non-Software Projects

I get asked all the time, can Uzility be used for non-software projects? The follow-up question is usually:  Can you change the column headings, add new columns?   The concept of Kanban boards works great in many situations, you don’t

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Product Tour Page Added to Uzility

I have just added the Product Tour Page to the Uzility site.  Today I was asked several times for screenshots and details on the product that people can see before they register to create an account in Uzility. Here is a sample screenshot

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What software tools do you use to manage your Agile workflow?

Last year I finally got fed up with the internal tools that I was using to manage Agile backlogs and Agile workflows, and I decided to build my own.   I first named it GroupScrum which was later renamed to

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What is a Kanban Board

A kanban board, agile board, or agile kanban board is a tool to display the status of tasks in the workflow process.  A cork board or sticky notes can be used as a offline kanban board. The image below shows a

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