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Setting the Board Background Image in Uzility

On of the fun things to do with Uzility is to customize your board background image, this allows you to personalize the look of the board to something that fits your personality or interests.     Steps to set your

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Updated Introduction To Uzility Video

Last week the Uzility team did a number of live broadcast training sessions covering details on getting started with Uzility, importing cards, working with cards and everything else that you might want to know about Uzility.  Here is the overall full

Uzility Board Background Images

Uzility is introducing the new board background images. Anyone using Uzility can set a custom background image on any of their boards. This is a new per user setting, allowing for the personalization of the agile board that everyone should

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Uzility – Importing Boards From Trello

For Trello users it is quick and easy to get started with Uzility.   Just follow these simple steps and you will have your data migrated from Trello to Uzility in no time. Log into your Trello account anc click

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Agile in Simplified Terms

There is a great deal of confusion when people first take a look at Agile. This video is intended to be a quick introduction to Agile.

Introduction to Uzility

Here is a 5 minute video showing a quick introduction to Uzility Agile Workflow Management Software. Take a look and learn about Uzility. -Steve

Introduction To Scrum – Video

Here is a video that I produced to introduce software development teams to Agile Scrum.   This video covers Agile vs waterfall. 3 roles of scrum 3 artifacts of scrum 3 ceremonies of scrum User stories Software options   Also,

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Scrum Workflow

I have been working on a video as part of the Uzility product. One of the diagrams in the video is scrum workflow that shows the scrum process from the product backlog all the way through to sprint review and retrospective.

New Uzility Card Designs. Which do you prefer?

As we have been building the Uzility agile product, we have been following agile development principles, following the release early, release often and get customer feedback. There have been things that we have tried, and things that we have learned from,

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New feature added to Uzility – The Daily Scrum

A new feature has been added to Uzility and is now available to everyone using Uzility. This new feature is called the Daily Scrum and it is available from the current sprints page as shown here. The intention is to

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