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TSQL JOIN Types Poster (version 4.1)

After someone reported a small bug in the “two INNER JOINs” diagram, I have created an update to the poster. This is update 4.1, only a minor version upgrade due to only a small change. The think I love about

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Database Corruption Challange 6 – Coming Soon

Hello everyone, the last week I have not been able to keep everyone as up to date on the Database Corruption Challenge as I would like to. Life has just turned really busy in the last 10 days, but I

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Week 5 – Alternate Solution

Here is how I solved Week 5 of the Database Corruption Challenge. The following steps were tested and confirmed working on SQL Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2012, and SQL Server 2014.   To oversimplify, here are the steps: Restore the

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Week 5 – Winning Solution – Database Corruption Challenge

Find out more about the Week 5 Challenge on the overview blog post. The winning solution, was submitted by Patrick Flynn, just 3 hours and 18 minutes after the challenge was posted. Patrick provided me with the following steps, and TSQL

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An Awesome Day at SQL Saturday Redmond

Yesterday was SQL Saturday Redmond. It was a great day, I learned lots, met some great new people, and had a chance to catch up with some old friends. When most people hear about SQL Saturday for the first time,

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SQL Saturday Redmond

I am attending and speaking at SQL Saturday Redmond today. My presentation is at 2:45pm and on SQL JOIN Types,  and the following topics will be covered: —Basic SELECT —INNER JOIN —LEFT OUTER JOIN —RIGHT OUTER JOIN —LEFT OUTER JOIN

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A Query Walks Into A Bar

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MySQL JOIN Types for LinuxFest Northwest

Today I had the opportunity to present at LinuxFest Northwest on MySQL Join Types, using the MySQL JOIN Types poster in the presentation. It was a good session, about 30 people in attendance. Lots of great questions were asked. Here

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Another Corruption Challenge This Weekend.

As the weekend approaches and we head for another Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC) I want to remind everyone who is interested of being notified of the next event to sign up for my newsletter. Just click here to find out

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Introducing Stedman Solutions, LLC.

As of today, March 31st 2015, I am off on a new adventure in my life. As of today I am 100% focused on my new business. Here are the details. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stedman Solutions, LLC. To Offer SQL

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