Database Health Monitor – Beta 8 – Soft launch

Today I launched Database Health Reports Beta 8 as a soft launch. What I mean by the soft launch is that other than updating the DatabaseHealth website and this blog posting, I haven’t done much to promote it.  Why you might ask?  Due to it being a holiday week between Christmas and New Years, there are many people out of the office. I figured I would wait until after January 1st to make a big splash.

Beta 8 is out. The biggest change is the charting. About 75% of the charts in the system have been completely rewritten. I was using a charting module that didn’t allow for the flexiblity that was needed to make the charts look the way I wanted. In September right after the Beta 7 release I started rewriting the charts from scratch.  Between now and the next Beta I will work to get more of the charts converted over to the new look.

Here is an example of some of the newer charts. The red and green bars on the plan cache are used to indicate change.  Red indicates that the value was worse, and green indicates that it improved or stayed the same. The CPU by database chart was rewritten to make better use of the available space.

New Charts


Also shown in the above screen shot is the new Server Configuration panel with details on the specific version of SQL Server, when it was installed, the number of processors and more.

Beta 8 Release Notes

Beta 8 Released 12/29/2013.

The following changes have been made since Beta 7. The big feature in the Beta 8 is the rewrite of many of the charts.

New Features

  • Renamed to Database Health Monitor, attempting to avoid confusion with SSRS Reports.
  • Additional checks for obsolete or unusual settings (SHRINK_DATABASE, TORN_PAGE_DETECTION).
  • Blocking reporting with hierarchical drilldown on the blocking queries.
  • Server details panel showing logical and physical cpu counts, SQL Server Start time, SQL Server install data, Server Name, SQL Server version info, and information on real or virtual server.

Bug Fixes

  • Multithreading the re-connect of databases, vastly improving the startup time if one or more databases is not available.
  • A large amount of the project has been refactored to help mature the product and allow for additional feature growth, and reduce bugs.
  • Improved background threading.
  • Updates and bug fixes on SQL Technical Debt.

IT Guy – 3.0

Great video that I discovered on YouTube today. 

Some great lines in this video…

“The project gets crazy and they call me to save it, so I search Pinal Dave and copy and paste it”.

“Your company is so backwards they still use Lotus Notes”.


Bellingham Startup Weekend Coming in 3 Weeks

I have just registered for the Bellingham Startup Weekend, which is just 3 weeks away, and looks like it should be a fun weekend.


Bellingham Startup Weekend is part of a larger organization that runs Startup Weekends all over the planet.

On November 22nd, 23rd and 24th, teams of entrepreneurs will commit to a 54 hour weekend to build a new startup competing with other teams. At the end of the weekend the startups will be judged and awards will be given.

In preparation for the weekend I just ordered the The Startup Owner’s Manual book.

I am looking forward to this event. It should be lots of fun.

Production Database Administrator WANTED

My employer, Emergency Reporting, currently has an opening for a Production Database Administrator on my team. Emergency Reporting is the first fully integrated cloud-based fire/EMS reporting and records management system on the market. Emergency Reporting has been in business for just over 10 years, and has over 90,000 firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics and other fire department personnel using the system. The company works in an Agile environment to deliver outstanding products and features.


Emergency Reporting is located in Bellingham WA, located between Seattle WA, and Vancouver BC.  Bellingham is not far from the the San Juan Islands which offer many opportunities for boating, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and more. To the east of Bellingham are the Cascade Mountains with Mt Baker as the local ski area. To the north just across the border is Vancouver BC, and to the south is Seattle WA.

<< >>

The Production DBA position will report to me, and will be the primary DBA for the company. The primary responsibility of this position will be the production databases located at colocation facilities in Denver, and Phoenix, and the secondary responsibility will be for development databases in the Bellingham office. The DBA will also work with development teams to help with code reviews, database coding standards, adding new features to the  Emergency Reporting system, and help teach the development team proper database techniques.

We are looking for an experienced Production DBA who can help us grow Emergency Reporting to the next level while maintaining a HA environment.

To apply, take a look at the job listing page below.


For more information, stop by our booth at SQL Saturday Portland Oregon in a couple weeks.

Day 1 at PASS Summit 13

After the red eye flight last night I finally arrived at PASS Summit 13, and picked up my registration packet.

On the cab ride from the airport I had a great lecture (not much of a discussion) from the cab driver on politics and the Affordable Care Act. When I finally asked him what it was going to change for him he said “Nothing, my wife is a nurse and we have great insurance”. It was an interesting ride.

Here is the main entrance to the convention center.


Today was the first day of pre-conference sessions, which I didn’t register for due to my travel plans. Tomorrow I start the day with my first pre-conference session titled “Making SQL Server Apps Go Faster” by Brent Ozar, Jes Borland and Kendra Little.  I am looking forward to that session to see what I can learn to help the applications that I work on run faster.

wpid-20131014_124713.jpgEven thought the conference hasn’t started yet, only pre-cons going on today, the area was buzzing with activity.

Tonight I am going to attend the Networking Dinner at the Buffalo Wild Wings hosted by Steve Jones and Andy Warren. It is a networking event to get to know other people in the world wide SQL family.  I am looking forward to it.

The weather in Charlotte NC looks a lot like the weather back home in Bellingham WA, a bit gray and slightly rainy.

4 days until Pass Summit 2013

This year I will be attending PASS Summit 2013 in Charlotte North Carolina. It seemed like ages ago when I registered, and now just we are just a few days away from Summit 2013.

This will be the first SQL conference that I have been to for some time where I will not be speaking. I am looking forward to it, just learning as much as I can, and getting to know others in the world wide SQL Family.

I have signed up for the SQL Karaoke event on Wednesday which looks like a hoot. I have chosen not to participate in the SQL kilt event, which I may end up regretting over time.

It is going to be a great week in Charlotte NC next week, and I am looking forward to it.

See you there!!!