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2015 Review

What 2015 meant to me and my business. Stedman Solutions, LLC – Startup After unexpectedly leaving a regular full time employment position on March 31st 2015, the very next day April 1st 2015, Stedman Solutions, LLC was launched. Looking back,

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Working on my Presentations for SQL Connections Fall 2012

Over the last week I have pitched 8 presentations for SQL Connections in Vegas at the end of October 2012.  Hoping that 3 of my presentations get accepted.  Here is the list so far. Using the New Analytic Functions in

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Risk Assessment Matrix for SQL Server Upgrades

A couple years ago in my Incident Safety Officer class with the fire department we studied risk assessment for any incident that the fire department may respond to.  Since that time I have used a similar risk assessment matrix for

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How big is your procedure cache?

Part of SQL Server running queries is that once a query is analyzed, parsed and compiled, that compiled plan is kept in memory so that it can be quickly re-used in the future. If you are using proper parameterized queries,

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SSRS – Using a subreport for navigation

As I have been working on my SQL Server Health Reports for my presentation at SQL Saturday 114 in Vancouver on March 17th, I have changed the way that I do things several times.  After attending a SSRS class “SSRS Beyond the

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SSRS Editor Tip of the Day… CTRL + Arrows

I learned this from one of my co-workers.  A quick tip for formatting SSRS reports. When you are in the SSRS report editor, and you want to move the currently selected object (or objects), you can move them with the

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KeePass – for security and time savings

After a recent tour at a couple companies who are using the LEAN process, I have decided to take on LEAN in my everyday work. This is the first in what I think will be many videos on the Lean

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KeePass – to improve your process

Before proceeding with the article, please take this quick password safety test. Password Safety Test – Score one point for every YES answer.: Do you write your passwords down?  ( YES  /  NO ) Do you ever re-use a password

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Windows Shake in Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, give this a try. When you have multiple windows all visible on your desktop, just click on the title bar of one of the windows. While holding your mouse button down “Shake” that window

Home after a week at SQL DevConnections 2009 in Las Vegas

This week I have been at the SQL Connections conference in Las Vegas. With 7 to 9 hours of classes and presentations every day, all on Microsoft SQL Server. The classes included the Next Generation of SQL Server, Distributed Applications

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