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SSRS Report Usage Queries

This last week I had the opportunity to do some work with SSRS, determining some stats on report usage. I ended up digging up some queries that I wrote a couple years ago against the ReportServer database, and thought they

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What twitter hash tags do you follow for SQL Server?

# The key to twitter is to follow the right hash tags.  What hash tags do you follow related to Microsoft SQL Server? Here are a few of the twitter hash tags that I follow: #SQLServer The generic SQL Server

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Can we use CTEs use in SSRS?

One of the common questions that I get asked after my Unleashing CTE Presentation is “Can we use CTEs in SSRS reports?” The answer is YES, Common Table Expressions work great in SSRS reports, one of my favorite ways of

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No more Business Intelligence Development Studio in SQL 2012

There is no more Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) in SQL Server 2012, instead it has been replaced with the SQL Server Data Tools that uses the core of Visual Studio 2010, with the Report Builder and Report Designer built

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SSRS – Using a subreport for navigation

As I have been working on my SQL Server Health Reports for my presentation at SQL Saturday 114 in Vancouver on March 17th, I have changed the way that I do things several times.  After attending a SSRS class “SSRS Beyond the

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SSRS Editor Tip of the Day… CTRL + Arrows

I learned this from one of my co-workers.  A quick tip for formatting SSRS reports. When you are in the SSRS report editor, and you want to move the currently selected object (or objects), you can move them with the

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Using your own RDL as a SSRS Template

This is very useful if you are creating many reports based on a single template. To start with when you use the “Add new Item” functionality into a report project, this is all you get.  Report Wizard, Report, and Data

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