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DBCC CloneDatabase

The Service Pack 2 release of SQL Server 2014 introduces a new DBCC command called DBCC CloneDatabase. Books online states: “DBCC CLONEDATABASE should be used to create a schema and statistics only copy of a production database in order to

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Introducing the DataBase Corruption Challenge (DBCC) – Week 1 Challenge

Welcome to the DataBase Corruption Challenge, this is an about weekly blog challenge where I will post a corrupt SQL Server database with some details on what happened to it. If at this point you are already a bit irked

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Executing a TSQL batch multiple times using GO

Using the GO commend in TSQL to run a batch of code multiple times is something that I commonly do in demo’s and training’s.  What amazes me is how many people after the training will tell me that they didn’t know

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TSQL Aggregation Strategies and Aggregating Data

This weeks training as part of the Free SQL Training for the 70-461 certification course is now available on YouTube. This week we covered Aggregating Data and Aggregation strategies.  For more information on sessions, take a look at the Free

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Free SQL Server Training

I have been asked to help a development team with training so that they can all take and pass the SQL Queries 70-461 Microsoft certification. After looking it over and understanding all the topics needed for the 70-461 SQL Queries certification,

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SQL Server 2014 Compatibility Level

With SQL Server 2014, there was a new compatibility level introduced, level 120 the new SQL Server 2014 Compatibility Level. SQL Server can run in a number of different compatibility levels, but how do you change it and how do you

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Enabling Transparent Data Encryption on SQL Server 2014

To start with for Transparent Data Encyrption (TDE) we will need to be using Enterprise (or Developer) edition of SQL Server 2014. I am using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition CTP1, which is the early release of SQL Server 2014.

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What is Hekaton

Hekaton is also known as SQL Server In-Memory database, touted to accelerate transaction throughput up to 30x performance increases on existing hardware. With a new latch-free technology Hekaton is claimed to dramatically increase performance. Are you ready to increase the speed

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No more Business Intelligence Development Studio in SQL 2014

When you look at the installed programs with SQL Server 2014 CTP1 you see the following: There is no BIDS or Visual Studio installed with CTP1 of SQL Server 2014.  After some additional research, and discovering that I didn’t miss

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SQL Server 2014 Announced

Microsoft has announced the next version of SQL Server will be SQL Server 2014, and that a pre-release version will be available later this year. Some of the features announced SQL Server 2014 are: new disaster recovery and backup solutions

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