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Latest Backups with TSQL

After rebooting a SQL Server, for whatever reason, it is always good to confirm that the system is running good.  There are many things that I check, one of which is to confirm that backups are running. You can always

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Backup Set Report added to FREE Server Health Reports

In preparation for an upcoming SQL Saturday presentation I have created another report to add to the FREE SQL Server Health reports project. This report has been replaced with the Backup Report in the Database Health Project. The Backup Set

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Restoring A Log Chain

This is a followup to my Whats more important than a backup plan article posted a couple of months ago. When you do a database restore, including log backups, it is very important to get the log chain in the

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Whats more important than a backup plan?

A restore plan of course is far more important than the backup plan. When things go wrong and you need to restore a database backup, that is not the time to be learning how to do a restore, or to

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