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Max Server Memory – SQL Server

Max Server Memory Setting Explained If you have more memory than your database and applications on the SQL Server will ever use than this is not a problem, but when you run into memory constraints this setting is much more

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Understanding your Wait Statistics

SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips – Wait Statistics Wait statistics are one of commonly overlooked ways to quickly find out what is causing your SQL Server to be slow. One of the reasons that they are commonly overlooked is that

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Database Health Beta 9.3 Released Today

Today I had the pleasure of releasing Beta 9.3 of the Database Health Monitor. It has been a whole week since the last beta update, and here is the outline of the new features and bug fixes. Download at

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Now that Database Health Beta 2 is out, whats next…

Now that Beta 2 of the Database Health Project is out, and people are using it, I am going to focus my attention on 2 areas. Fixing any bugs that are reported in Beta 2 of the Database Health Project. Adding

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Finding the contents of the Plan Cache

I often get asked “how do I find the contents of the SQL Server Plan Cache?”   My first response is just use the Database Health Reports and you can get this through a nice user interface.  But if you

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Beta 2 of the Database Health Reports Released

Beta 2 of the Database Health Reports has just been released.  The new Beta contains several bug fixes, and several new features.  Here is a breakdown of what is new or changed since the last beta. New Features Added the Memory

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Finding tables that don’t have a clustered index.

Although clustered indexes are not required, and there are many cases where you should not use a clustered index, quite often clustered indexes can be overlooked when creating a table.  This is actually more likely if you are inheriting a

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It is finally here. Beta 1 of the Database Health Reports for SQL Server.

In October last year I started work on the Database Health reports project.  It started out as a series of SSRS reports that I released and updated in December 2011 to March 2012.  After that it became clear that the

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Preview of the Table Size Advisor

As I get the Database Health project ready to release as a beta, more of the components are coming together.  For instance shown here is the Table Size Advisor which can be accessed from the Disk Space Report. In this

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Index Defragementation and Management

As I have been creating the Database Health project over the last couple of months, I have discovered that my favorite part of the whole project is the index defragmentation part of the project.  This has turned out to be

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