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Database Health Beta 9.3 Released Today

Today I had the pleasure of releasing Beta 9.3 of the Database Health Monitor. It has been a whole week since the last beta update, and here is the outline of the new features and bug fixes. Download at

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Speaking at Vancouver DevTeach this week.

This week I will be attending and speaking at Vancouver DevTeach. This event taking place on December 2nd to 4th 2013 at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Center Hotel. Monday and Tuesday I have morning presentations which leaves the rest of

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Index Overview – Clustered and Nonclustered

This is intended as a brief overview of indexing on SQL Server. Understanding and using indexes can lead to some major performance improvements. Non-Clustered Indexes Non-Clustered indexes are often times considered traditional indexing – contains pointers to the data. This

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Temp Table vs Table Variable vs CTE and the use of TEMPDB.

For more information on Common Table Expessions and performance, take a look at my book at Common Table Expressions Joes 2 Pros®: A CTE Tutorial on Performance, Stored Procedures, Recursion, Nesting and the use of Multiple CTEs There are

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Now that Database Health Beta 2 is out, whats next…

Now that Beta 2 of the Database Health Project is out, and people are using it, I am going to focus my attention on 2 areas. Fixing any bugs that are reported in Beta 2 of the Database Health Project. Adding

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Finding the contents of the Plan Cache

I often get asked “how do I find the contents of the SQL Server Plan Cache?”   My first response is just use the Database Health Reports and you can get this through a nice user interface.  But if you

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Beta 2 of the Database Health Reports Released

Beta 2 of the Database Health Reports has just been released.  The new Beta contains several bug fixes, and several new features.  Here is a breakdown of what is new or changed since the last beta. New Features Added the Memory

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Finding tables that don’t have a clustered index.

Although clustered indexes are not required, and there are many cases where you should not use a clustered index, quite often clustered indexes can be overlooked when creating a table.  This is actually more likely if you are inheriting a

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It is finally here. Beta 1 of the Database Health Reports for SQL Server.

In October last year I started work on the Database Health reports project.  It started out as a series of SSRS reports that I released and updated in December 2011 to March 2012.  After that it became clear that the

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Preview of the Table Size Advisor

As I get the Database Health project ready to release as a beta, more of the components are coming together.  For instance shown here is the Table Size Advisor which can be accessed from the Disk Space Report. In this

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