Segregating Facebook and LinkedIn or Twitter

After a recent presentation at SQL Saturday Denver on building your personal brand name presented by  Steve Jones (@way0utwest). One of the things that was discussed was splitting your personal contacts from your professional contacts in the following social networks:


Just close friends and family, not the people you work with. This way when friends or family say something that might be taken out of context your coworkers don’t see it.


All professional contacts, but not all the people on your Facebook account. Your co-workers and business associates are fine here.  Use this to build your business brand name so that people know what you do professionally. No need to have close personal friends or family here unless they are also business associates.


Your general themed contacts, but split up based on a theme.  For instance if you like to tweet on political views, then do this on a separate twitter account than your professional views. No matter what your political view may be, you are likely to upset or anger at least half of the population, or at least half or your followers, unless you separate it into a twitter account where people can follow you just to hear your political opinions.

Cleaning up

As I clean up my social networks, the one group of people that I can’t figure out how to categorize is those friends from high school that I don’t stay in touch with, but that I will want hear from at the next high school reunion. Most of them don’t really fit into any of the three above categories.

For my business contacts that are currently my Facebook friends, please don’t be upset if I un-friend you, just look me up on LinkedIn and I would be happy to have you as a connection.

Finding me:


-Steve Stedman

It is sad when Santa Claus wants to break into your bank account.

Normally by blog/website is focused only on SQL Server topics, but this just jumped out at me and I have to share it.


The holiday shopping season is here again, and so are the scammers.  Here is a copy of an email message that I received today, wanting a few simple things like name, age, eye color, home city, childhood best friend, and more.  Basically everything they need to get into your bank account or other online accounts.  All the “secret questions” that you answer in order to get a password reset on your bank account, or online trading account.

The promise is a letter from Santa, the reality is identity theft.

I order to keep the holiday season safe from scammers do what you can to educate others on these types of scams.



SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux

The Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux provides native connectivity from Linux to Microsoft SQL Server.

Just released 11/21/2011 – Linux ODBC driver for SQL server.



I hope this is better than the original SQL Server driver for PHP.

I hope this driver will work on other Linux distributions besides Red Hat.

New Blog

This week I moved my blog away from the Simple PHP Blog that was a free open source product.  It appeared to have too many security holes.

SQL server for Microsoft Great Plains

Installing, configuring and administering SQL Server for Microsoft Great Plains.

What a bunch of crazy table names.

Oracle Today

Working in Oracle 8i, wishing I was using SQL Server.  Uggg.