Blair’s Repairs – These guys are awesome!!!

NOTE: My opinions on Blairs have been retracted after finding out that they were a front for dealing drugs.


It is not that often that I have an excellent enough customer service experience that I want to rave about it.

Here is where the story starts…  Last spring my son George received an iPod Touch 4 as a birthday present.  He loved  it and used it for games, as a telephone with Skype an lots of things on a daily basis.

About 2 weeks ago there was a message on his iPod that iOS 6, the new operating system was available from Apple, and he accepted the upgrade.  After attempting to do the upgrade, the iPod rebooted and locked up, sort of a half way operating system upgrade and the iPod would not function.

Since the iPod was less than a year old, and still under warranty I contacted apple, and they said to send it in and they would fix it.  So I sent it to Apple and received the iPod back with no service done.  Instead they sent a letter stating that it would not be serviced because the “water sensor” indicated that the iPod had been wet at some point.   This is complete BS…. This iPod has never been in the water or in the washing machine.

After about 3 days of bad mouthing Apple for this complete BS support, one of the guys at work mentioned Blair’s Repairs and suggested that I give them a try to see if they could fix it.  I figured a small service fee would be worth the attempt instead of being pissed off at Apple.

I took the iPod in, and they looked at it and their response was “We should be able to fix it”, but the battery was dead, so it had to charge for a few minutes.  We left the shop did some other shopping and returned an hour later.

When we returned, the said that it was done, and just handed us the iPod with a clean iOS install, just like it was fresh out of the packaging.  I pulled out my wallet ready to pay and asked how much it would be.  Their response was No Charge, it was quick enough to just restore it.  They asked us to just come back when we need a charger, headphones, a phone case, or other products from them.

I would like to say…. These guys ROCK!   When I think of a customer service example, they are now top on my list.

Thank you Blair’s Repairs for fixing my sons iPod, for doing what Apple refused to do.

So I ask anyone who is reading this in the Bellingham area… when you need Apple iPhone, iPod, laptops, or other services that they offer, go to Blair’s Repair and if your experience is like mine you will not be disappointed.

I still believe that Apple’s support is horrible, but Blair’s Repairs totally makes up for it.

Disclaimer.   I am in no way associated with Blair’s Repairs other than being a very happy customer.

SQL Server 2012 – Setup Problems – Value Cannot Be Null

After several attempts to install SQL Server 2012 on Windows 7, I was getting the following error.

“SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: doc.”

After 4 retries with different options I finally tried running setup.exe “As Administrator” based on suggestions that I found when searching on the error.  Still no luck.

Next I found an article suggesting a complete uninstall of SQL Server, and re-install.  Trying that now.  I will post more if I figure this one out.


Update.  After a complete un-install deleting of all the SQL Server 2012 directories.  I started the install again and is works great.

Moving to a new datacenter – EPIC FAIL – Fibercloud.

The current datacenter has failed.  The company that we have been using Fibercloud in Bellinhgam WA, with their “Always On” slogan has had an epic failure.

Server temp of 117 degrees F means that it is time to move to a real datacenter.

Planning on configuring a new SQL server a the new location, then doing a full restore and applying transactions logs to make the move.  Once all the transaction logs are caught up, we will switch over to the new datacenter.

Fibercloud needs to learn that power without cooling is a bad thing, and cooling without power (for many hours) is also another bad thing.  Today Fibercloud has earned the nick name of the Fisher Price data center.  No offense intended towards Fisher Price.  Another term that I heard for Fibercloud was “my First Datacenter”.