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Beta 7++ Additional Cleanup on the Technical Debt

Again following the Agile philosophy of Release Early and Release Often, there is another minor release of Database Health Beta 7.  I called this one Beta 7++, the version has been updated to In this version the following minor

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Beta 7+ Filter Technical Debt by Debt Type

One of the ideas behind Scrum software development is the idea of “Release early, Release Often and Get Customer Feedback.” After the release of Beta 7 of the Database Health Reports earlier this week I received an email with a

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Database Health Beta 7 Released – Featuring SQL Technical Debt Analysis

I have been working on Beta 7 over the last 3 months, and it is finally ready.  Beta 7  has been released today featuring the addition of the SQL Technical Debt reporting.  Besides the SQL Technical debt reporting, the other area

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Suggest An Idea for Database Health Reports

As I get ready for Beta 7 to launch I have decided that for Beta 8 I will focus on feature suggestions from the users of the Database Health application.  I have created a feedback system for users to suggest their

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SQL Server Technical Debt

As Beta 7 of the Database Health Reports approaches is just three weeks, the big new feature that has been added is the SQL Technical Debt Analysis. The SQL Technical Debt Analysis a great check for those areas that are

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Working on the T-SQL Technical Debt feature in the Database Health Reports

As part of my contribution back to the SQL Server community I am adding a new feature into the free Database Health Reports application. I am currently working on adding a new feature into the Database Health Reports to analyze T-SQL Technical Debt. If

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T-SQL Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a programming concept that is also known as code debt. The concept of Technical Debt applies closely with Agile software development, but also applies to database development. There are many tools available to report on technical debt

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