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12 comments on “Contact Steve
  1. I tried to send you an email, but your card doesn’t have an email address on it!

    Great job today on your presentation. It’s really tough to do a subject justice in only an hour especially one as complex as CTEs!


  2. Jason Oliver says:


    I am a fan of your Database Health Monitor and have version 8.1 and it just expired. Do you make the source code available or do you have a newer copy?


    Jason Oliver
    Orlando, FL

  3. Mario Brizuela says:

    Hi Steve. DatabaseHealth Beta 8.1 does not work! The error is: “You are using an expired beta version of Database Health. You can continue to use this version, but it is suggested that you visit to get an updated version with bug fixes and new features.” Then the application closes. Help please!

  4. Fred Botts says:

    Love your Database Health Monitor, but for some reason it says the beta has expired and the only version I can find on your site is 8.1. When I reinstall it, it says it has expired. Is there a newer version somewhere else?
    Fred Botts
    Chapter Leader – Iowa SQL Server Users Group

  5. Martin says:

    Steve, I find you app very useful. my copy of beta 8.1 has expired. How can I update?

  6. Mike Atwell says:

    Great software, but I notice that it says I have multiple duplicate indexes (same name, same columns) on some tables, but I do not see said duplicates in SSMS. Is being reported correctly?

  7. alzdba says:

    There’s a broken link at pointing to resulting in a “Site not found”

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