Database Health Monitor October 2017 Version Released Today

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With over 2000 downloads since the last updated to Database Health Monitor, I figured it was time to get another release of the product out.

New Features in 2.6

  • Added a Job Schedule instance level report.
  • Added an option on the statistics report to show statistics for all databases, and to generate the script to rebuild statistics for all databases. (Customer request)
  • Added a Quick Scan Report check for logins that have a non-existent default database.
  • Added a Quick Scan Report for SQL Server Express Edition, and display a warning.
  • Modified the database mail check in the Quick Scan Report to display a different message when it detects that database mail is not enabled if the SQL Server is running express edition.
  • Modified the Blocked Queries report to better show the blocking query and to differentiate it from those being blocked.
  • Added a Quick Scan Report check for SQL Agent Jobs with no notification on failure.
  • Updated the link to the support site. It now goes to which is vastly improved over the previous support site.
  • Added a Quick Scan Report check for power settings, recommending that a High Performance option be used.

Bug Fixes in 2.6

  • Fixed a bug when clicking on a database to drill down on the queries needing params report. Previously it was crashing, now it has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the database overview incorrectly reporting unused indexes.
  • Fixed a bug in the server overview panel when displaying the machine or VM type where it was failing on SQL 2012.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Instance Reports” title overlapping the buttons to get to the instance reports on certain resolutions with larger fonts.
  • Fixed some timing related bugs on the Blocked Queries report. It was erroneously showing blocked queries without the query blocking them being shown.
  • Fixed various bugs around compatibility level 70 and 80 and crashing on some of the reports. Yes, people are still running databases at level 70 and 80.
  • Fixed a bug on the server overview page on very large databases, greater than 1TB causing the query to crash.


If you already have Database Health Monitor installed, just start up the application and it will check for updates and download the latest version. If you don’t have database Health Monitor installed, you can get it at


-Steve Stedman

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