Podcast Episode 91: DBA Tools – Listen and find out what you are missing.

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Today Episode 91 released and it is our pleasure to present this episode on DBA Tools.  DBA Tools is an open source project (http://DBATools.io) that provides a number of powershell scripts to better help the DBA perform common SQL Server tasks. This was a fun episode with the panel of Chrissy, Rob, Constantine, and Aaron who were super excited to talk with us and we loved their energy.

DBA Tools

We all want an easy button.  It is human nature.  We heard quite a bit about how easy PowerShell will make everything, but for those of us who aren’t programmers, it can be a bit intimidating to get started.  The PowerSHell tools from dbatools.io are shaping up to be the closest thing to an easy button for DBAs.  On this episode we invited some of the team to chat with us about their tool, how they got started and the types of problems they are looking to solve.

Episode Quotes

“The features that are now inside of DBA tools, honestly, I would describe them as really awesome.” – Constantine
“I promised you this is the best code ever used and that you will ever have.” – Aaron
“It is important to us that people do feel welcomed and that their codes gets merged in.” – Chrissy

Superhero Power

Alright, so my superhero power would be regeneration. And the reason I want it is because I’m a hypochondriac and I’m always worrying about getting some disease or getting to an accident. And if I had regeneration powers then I wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore because it would just fix itself.

Listen to Learn about DBA Tools

  • The tools the dbatools team has put together
  • How the team goes about deciding what gets into the code
  • Examples of how this makes PowerShell more accessible
  • The challenges of having a community tool

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