Database Health Monitor – January 2017 Version Released

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Today we released the Database Health Monitor January 2017 version. You can download it for free at

This update includes  some new branding with new logos, new icons, and a new splash screen, as well as the usual feature enhancements and bug fixes.

So far since we started tracking downloads there have been 11,100 downloads of Database Health Monitor worldwide.

As part of our goal of improving Database Health Monitor, and expanding it to meet the needs of more and more DBA’s, we have created a survey to solicit input on how people are using it, and what we can do better to improve the product.  The survey is located here:

Here is the list of changes in the latest release.

Version 2.4.5 Release Notes – January 2017.

Version 2.4.5 is the January 2017 release of Database Health Monitor.

New Features in 2.4.5

  • Added color coding to the disk space report to show drives with less than 10% free in red.
  • New logos and branding on the splash screen.
  • New application icon.
  • Added color coding to the disk space report to show disks with less than 10% free in red.
  • Updated version checks to the latest service pack and cumulative update levels for SQL Server versions. Updated the web site documentation for SQL Server versions.

Bug Fixes in 2.4.5

  • Performance improvements on the Deep Scan report.
  • Fixed bug with duplicates in the blocking report. Adding a column for the blocking path that shows the blocking chain for each blocked item.
  • Fixed bug with connecting to an instance with historic monitoring that is monitoring itself.
  • Fixed bug with the decimal calculation on the disk space report.

If you are already using Database Health Monitor, I hope you enjoy this update. For those who haven’t tried it yet, give it a try.

Download it today:

-Steve Stedman

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2 comments on “Database Health Monitor – January 2017 Version Released
  1. Karlheinz Mattil says:

    Hello, TableSize Shows wrong rows Count

    If I make select Count on sqlserver I get different result to your rows Count of same table

    Rows in database Health 3122218922 and on sqlserver select Count 3815556

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