SQL Summit 2016 Session Feedback.

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I was extremely excited to get my session feedback from my SQL PASS Summit 2016 session on Database Corruption today. I have been waiting, and was very please with the feedback.  Being the last time slot of the entire conference, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Here is the overall evaluation.


Then on to the actual feedback, which I would like to say thanks to everyone who commented. This will help me prepare for my next session.

  • All logistics were good but I suggest a larger room for this session next year (this one should definitely be repeated next year!).
  • Room was packed and as a result was a bit warm.
  • Really good session, nice to have a base of knowledge of what to do or not to do when corruption occurs.
  • Great presentation
  • Wish it was longer so much info that is essential
  • This should be a precon!
  • I came back specifically from lunch for this session… was actually by the space needle. I’m glad I did. Excellent session, well laid out. Examples were great.
  • This was a great session. Steve was very detailed and explained things well.
  • Great information
  • Dude…..
  • If you would do a whole day precon…. i would come in a heartbeat!
  • One of my favourite sessions at Summit 2016. Steve is a great speaker and very engaging. A little rushed towards the end, but it didn’t spoil what was a great session.
  • Wasnt sure i was going to go to a session in the last slot. Turned out to be the best session. Well put together good examples and moral of the story is check for corruption and have lots of backups!!
  • Great session!
  • Extremely informative. Great material. Hopefully I will never need to use it but I feel much more knowledgeable on the subject.
  • Very good presentation and the samples are all good.
  • Gime more time to complex recover corruptions
  • Great demo, lots of detail. Lots of good information.
  • Steve was a great speaker and a great teacher. The corruption challenges were outstandingly presented. I learned a lot. This was my favorite session at PASS.
  • Great session, thanks. Probably the best I attended all week! I can’t even imagine being able to recover from a problem like those you presented, tho’, especially being the only SQL Server DBA in-house. Maybe next time show more simplified examples…
  • Steve demonstrated ways to handle three different types of corruption, including one that was a fascinating dive into the world of DBCC PAGE. Despite being the last session of the week, it was very well attended, and there were many questions after the session.
  • This presentation exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to Paul Randal’s session on fixing corruption using a hex editor in past years and thought nothing could come close but this one did. Excellent!! Huge thank you to the presenter.
  • Excellent session. My only gripe is that for a session of this level (and for this topic), the speaker reviewed some very basic topics which caused him to run out of time. This is a shame, because the final corruption reproduction was the most involved.

Here is photo of the room and the presentation from my perspective about 10 minutes before we got started.


Given all this feedback, I think that I am going to grow, or expand the session into some different sessions:

  • Basics of corruption, what it is, detection, and tracking of corruption issues.
  • Basic techniques for repairing corruption.
  • Advanced database corruption repair and recovery.

We will see where it goes, but I certainly had a good time with the presentation.

If you have any other feedback to send my way, please do. Thanks to all that attended.

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