Linux commands for SQL DBA’s who don’t know Linux (yet)

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With SQL Server now being available (pre-release) on Linux, I think we will see many SQL DBA’s who previously did not have Linux experience being forced into a new area. I am lucky in that I have had my share of Linux experience over my career, it has come easy to me. I figured I would share some Linux nuggets for those SQL DBAs diving into the Linux pool.

  • ls - List directory contents. Similar to dir on Windows.
  • top  - Sort of like the Windows task manager, shows you the top applications using cpu and memory.
  • sudo - runs a program or command with escalated user permissions.
  • apt-get - used to install a program. Kinda like the windows "add or remove programs" without the graphical interface.
  • ufwUncomplicated Firewall, is a front-end to iptables. Use this to allow or prevent port access to your Linux Server.
  • ps - processes.  Provides information on currently running process. For instance ps aux shows all running processes.
  • man - gets help on any of the Linux commands. For instance man ps provides the help page for the ps application.


That’s it for now, I will continue to grow this list as I have time.

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2 comments on “Linux commands for SQL DBA’s who don’t know Linux (yet)
  1. Jakob Bindslet says:

    “sudo – runs a program or command with escalated user permissions.”

    Should probably read “with elevated user permissions.”

  2. anil says:

    Thank you Steve for helpful share !!

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