Cortana Intelligence Suite – Podcast Episode #62.

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This weeks latest podcast is an interview with Melissa Coates, on the topic of Cortana Intelligence Suite.

From this weeks podcast:

The Cortana Intelligence Suite is actually a huge collection of services in Azure for the purposes of providing big data and analytical solutions. So the suite consists of: Azure data factory, data catalog, Azure SQL data warehouse, Azure data lake which is actually a composite of three services, azure machine learning, stream analytics, event hub, PowerBI, cognitive services, the bot framework, and finally the Cortana digital assistant like you just mentioned. So although they named the suite after Cortana, the digital assistant is just one small part. She originated as a character in Halo, as a smart artificial intelligence character that can learn and adapt. And then she was the inspiration for the digital assistant in Windows. And now this suite of tools is named after her because she symbolizes the contextualized intelligence they hope to achieve with the suite of tools.

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The performance review at the end of the episode was on Instant File Initialization.

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Cortana Intelligence Suite

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