Month: September 2016

Don’t Reboot SQL Server So Often

How often should I reboot SQL Server? It is a common belief with computers that rebooting cleans things up in memory and that they run better if they are rebooted more often. With your windows desktop or your cell phone

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Database Corruption Overview for Beginners

Database Corruption Overview: Database corruption is one of those things that you can only plan for by practicing your response plan. Out of all of the things that can happen to your SQL Server this is the one that you

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Cortana Intelligence Suite – Podcast Episode #62.

This weeks latest podcast is an interview with Melissa Coates, on the topic of Cortana Intelligence Suite. From this weeks podcast: The Cortana Intelligence Suite is actually a huge collection of services in Azure for the purposes of providing big

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Instant File Initialization (IFI)

One way to improve performance on SQL Server is with IFI or Instant File Initialization. Normally files are zeroed out on a database growth during an AUTOGROW, RESTORE, CREATE DATABASE or ALTER DATABASE. This is done by SQL Server when

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Duplicate Indexes, What a Waste

Today on the tuning minute on the SQL Data Partners Podcast, we discussed duplicate indexes, which lead me to think more about and and write this post. You know there are many different ways of doing things in SQL Server,

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Database Corruption Video – HA DR Chapter

The following Database Corruption Video is from the High Availability Disaster Recovery Virtual Chapter Presentation on September 13, 2016. Today I had the opportunity to present at the High Availability Disaster Recovery Virtual Chapter meeting on the topic of Database

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Podcast Episode 60 : U-SQL

I can’t believe that this was the 11th episode that I have been part of with the SQL Data Partners podcast with Carlos Chacon. Starting at Episode 50 we have been through some great episodes. Here is a list of the

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