Podcast Episode 52 – The R Programming Language

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Today we released Episode 52 on the SQL Data Partners podcast on the R Programming Language. You might remember a few weeks ago the announcement that I was joining Carlos Chacon as the co-host of the weekly podcast.

the R Programming Language R Revolution Analytics

Episode 52 on the SQL Trail with the SQL Data Partners podcast is with Ginger Grant (@DesertIsleSQL on Twiter) and the topic is the R Programming Language and Revolution Analytics in SQL Server.

This weeks podcast was a fun one for me. I have been hearing lots about R for a while, and I wasn’t quite sure what it is or how it integrates with SQL Server. I learned a bit along the way, and want to thank Ginger for sharing her knowledge of R with us.

Listen to learn more about the R programming language

  • How R got started and why it’s built the way it is
  • How Revolution Analytics transformed R into a useful data science tool
  • How the open source version differs from the Revolution Analytics version in SQL Server
  • How to use R alongside SQL Server

If you are a regular listener I think you will enjoy this episode. If you are not a regular listener, or haven’t heard the podcast before, give it a try it is very educational, and a great way to keep on on SQL Server topics.

After listening to the podcast is is now challenging to think about R without thinking about pirate jokes.


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4 comments on “Podcast Episode 52 – The R Programming Language
  1. Baine says:

    I think Joe would like the email Pirate pic

  2. Bharat Ruparel says:

    I would like to listen to this podcast. There is no link to play it or download it. Do you have mp3 download? I play it off line when walking or driving.

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