Database Health Monitor Version 2.4.2 Released Today

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Today I released the latest update to Database Health Monitor.  Version 2.4.2. It has been about a two weeks since version 2.4.1 release and version 2.4.2 has a few new features, and a couple bug fixes.

Here is a preview of the new logins report. First the logins panel on the Server overview report.


When you click the overview panel, you then drilldown into the logins report. The logins report is filtered by clicking the type of login show at the top of the page.



New Features in 2.4.2

  • New report available on SSRS Report Server databases showing the distribution of reports run over the last 24 hours, along with a detailed drilldown with a list of all reports run in the last 24 hours.
  • Updated the Stored Procedures by Logical Writes to use Seconds rather than Microseconds in the durations. Makes much more sense, and is clearly labeled now.
  • Added a Logins by Instance report.
  • Added 3 new report panels for SSRS reporting databases.
    • Recent SSRS report usage.
    • Reports Run over the last 24 hours with chart.
    • Report Users over the last 7 days with chart.
  • Quick Scan Report
    • Added an option to the QuickScan report to right click to turn off AUTO_CLOSE for all databases on the instance.

Fixes in 2.4.2

  • Fixed a problem that has been there for a while with connecting to a monitoring database on another server than the current instance. This was introduced about 8 months ago, where you could only use the current instance for monitoring. The problem has been fixed. Thanks for the customer feedback that lead me to finding and fixing this problem.
  • Improved startup performance. Caching some values that were previously querying the database multiple times.
  • Fix a problem with the tab order on the Connect to Database dialog. The username and password were not in the correct sequence. More of an annoyance than anything, but this has finally be fixed.


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2 comments on “Database Health Monitor Version 2.4.2 Released Today
  1. Brian says:

    This is the best SQL tool since SSMS! For doing some of my day-to-day tasks, this has made things SO much easier.

    Plus the new features in 2.4.2 (the login thing) is AWESOME! It is a great feature especially when we do database refreshes. It is very handy to see that our test and live databases have slight differences there. Plus all the existing features. This is an amazing tool and what makes it even better: you are giving it away for free!

    Love the new version and am excited to see the new features in future releases, although I am not sure what else you could really add.

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