Database Corruption Webcast – May 3rd

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Please join Carlos L Chacon and I for our first Database Corruption webcast on May 3rd. I have teamed up with Carlos and we will be presenting some thoughts on database corruption with an extended Q&A session. Carlos is with SqlDataPartners, and has a weekly webcast with varying SQL Server topics.

You can find more details about the webcast and register on the website here,

One important detail is we will be taking questions and answering them live on the webcast so this will be a great way to engage and ask a follow up if needed. I think you will love this format–way better than soaking up 50 minutes of boring and then calling it quits.

The webcast will cover these major topics.
1) Preparing for database corruption and taking the right steps to ensure you can recover
2) A few lessons learned about our experience with database corruption

This weeks session will cover:


Corruption Prevention is Different Than Disaster Recovery

The best DR plan still needs to account for corruption.




Practice Before The Disaster

Don’t let your first experience with corruption be in a production database!







Always Vigilant

We will discuss two checks you can do on your system to help reduce the chance of corruption.



We then hope to hear from you in our Q&A section.

I hope to see you on May 3rd. The webcast starts at 1:30PM EDT (10:30PM Pacific).


Sign up for the webcast here:



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