Database Health Monitor – Version 2.3 Released

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With over 7500 downloads worldwide to date, I have just released the next installment of the FREE Database Health Monitor application.

Here what one person had to say about it “Excellent – It’s the first tool I open every morning to see what is going on in my production environment! Thanks for the great work!”

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Database Health Version 2.3 Release Notes

Released March 20th, 2016.

It has been about 3 months since the last release, and I have added several new features, and many bug fixes.

New Features

  • Reducing the number of different database connections used by Database Health Monitor. Reusing existing connections where applicable.
  • Backup Report
    • Database restore script for the backups report now includes the “RESTORE HEADERONLY” option.
    • Updated the restore script to include a FILELISTONLY option to check on file locations before restoring.
    • Recent backups are now shown in green so it’s easy to see which databases have recent backups and which do not.
    • Added column to show the size of the backup.
  • CheckDB dialog: Added the instance name to the CheckDB dialog so that you can know which instance the CheckDB is being run against.

  • QuickScan report
    • Added checks for default SQL Server indexing jobs.
    • Ignoring database snapshot in the check for compressed backups.
    • Added check for extended history in the msdb.dbo.sysmaintplan_logdetail table.
    • Check to warn if SQL Server priority boost is enabled.
    • Added a check and warning for master database in any other mode besides simple recovery mode.
    • Added a check for using CHECKSUM on backups, with a recommendation to use it if it is not enabled.
    • Added check to the QuickScan report for left over files from the Microsoft Database Tuning Advisor.
    • Added reporting to the QuickScan report for slow I/O on log files.
    • Added Quickscan report for default maintenance plans.
    • Added check in the QuickScan report for TempDB being on the same drive as database files.
    • Added the DeepScan option to the quick scan report. Just right click the QuickScan grid and choose DeepScan
      • DeepScan report includes common wait types (if historic monitoring is enabled).
      • DeepScan report includes queries with the most waits (if historic monitoring is enabled).
      • DeepScan report includes statistics that are out of date or missing.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix for occasionally seeing SQL Servers duplicated in the tree view.
  • Fixing typo in the trace flags report.
  • Fixed many typos.
  • Settings / Configuration file. Fixed a bug with the contents of the file having leftover cruft at the end of the file.
  • Disk Space report
    • Added a NOLOCK to the disk space report so that it doesn’t have to wait when indexes are begin created or rebuilt.
    • Fixing a bug that occasionally split tables into two rows in the report.
  • QuickScan report
    • Several blocking issues causing the QuickScan report to wait have been resolved.
    • Fixed a crashing bug in the QuickScan report on SQL Server 2005.
    • Fixed bug in the QuickScan report not correctly identifying SQL Server 2008R2 RTM for version updates needed.


Here are some of the things people have been saying about Database Health Monitor.

12/23/2015 – Rave on the Database Health website.

Excellent – It’s the first tool I open every morning to see what is going on in my production environment! Thanks for the great work!

12/13/2015 – Rave on the Database Health website.

I ‘m using Database Health Monitor in my production environment, and for me is the tool I used ever. You are making life of thousands of DBA’s better.

9/9/2015 – Rave on Database Health website.

New version looks great, works more smoothly than ever and has some really great features!

9/9/2015 – Rave via Twitter

@SqlEmt I can say it is simply awesome tool.. Can we use the tool freely on our business servers ?

My response:
Yes @RP_RATNA The Database Health Monitor is totally free. Not just an
evaluation, but full featured free.

8/26/2015 – From the suggest a feature page.

Love the program overall though. Loading up activity monitor in SSMS can take upwards of 5 minutes on busy servers; in Database Health it shows that information almost instantly.
I recommend your program to all the DBA’s that I know.


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