Beta release 1.2 of SchemaDrift – the database schema comparison tool

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Today I released another beta release of SchemaDrift.

Part of this release was some redesign of the main screen, as shown here.


I had some great help from some of the beta testers, and there have been many bugs fixed and feature enhancements completed in the last week. Here is a list from the release notes:

Feb 28, 2016 Release Notes

Completed since last beta.

  • Fixed bug with extended properties on functions not being able to create on other database.
  • Fixed bug with extended properties on stored procedures not being able to create on other database.
  • Changed the directory name for objects with spaces for instance Stored Procedures to have the space, previously it had an underscore.
  • Sorted the database name dropdownlist by name, rather than by id.
  • Added a GO statement before each extended property, for reliability.
  • Main settings panel now sizes dynamically with the size of the window.
  • Various bug fixing comparing databases to file system / source control.
  • Enabled / Disabled controls while the diff is running to prevent starting another run, or to prevent changing params while running.
  • Connect dialog now remembers previously connected databases.


If you haven’t tried it out, give SchemaDrift a try, is a free tool for comparing database schemas.

See for more details.

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