Database Health Version 2.2 Released Today

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Today I have the pleasure of releasing the next version of the Database Health Monitor application. Currently at version 2.2, I have been working on this since 2011, and I have introduced some new features in the latest version. Visit the Database Health Monitor Download Page to get it for free today.

The main page has been updated, with a different look and layout to the charts.

Database Health Monitor

The following changes have been made since the last release.

New Features

  • Added a DBCC CheckDB dialog to run Check DB against a database. Reports status along the way and shows what is being checked as it gets scanned.
  • Added a link to the checkDB report page from the QuickScan CheckDB message.
  • CTRL+a for select all in the edit box on the missing indexes advisor.
  • Making the ‘see more’ option stick when viewing the CPU by Hour Heatmap.
  • Added a Disk Space Report into the instance level reports.
  • Added color coding to the Last Known Good CheckDB report.
  • Added right click copy to clipboard to the many of the charts. Now you can just copy the chart to the clipboard as an image.
  • Adding filtering of the historic waits for CXPACKET.
  • Adding links to the main server overview if there is a SQL Server update available.
  • QuickScan report
    • Adding a check for orphan database users to the QuickScan report.
    • Checking file growth for big databases with many very small growth amounts.
    • Performance improvement, Limiting the amount of data the QuickScan report will pull back from the error logs.
    • Adding details for the TempDB file growth messages.
    • Adding max degree of parallelism, and cost threshold for parallelism to the quick scan report.
    • Adding quickscan report checks for single tempdb files, and for different sized tempdb files.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the backup status report to include databases that have never had a backup. This was missed due to the join condition.
  • Fixing button colors on the CheckDB dialog. Buttons didn’t look right on Windows Server 2012.

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