Database Health Monitor version 2.1 Just Released

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I have just released version 2.1 of Database Health Monitor, this release involved 2 months of development since version 2.0 was released in July.

People often times ask me if this is free, or free to use in production, or free to use on more than one server. The answer is yes indeed, this is a totally free application to use on as many SQL Servers as you want, fully featured, not a trial version. Yes its free. I know that can be hard for some to understand in today’s world, but yes it is free.

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Database Health Monitor version 2.1

Version 2.1 Release Notes

Released September 7th 2015.
Two months since Database Health Monitor version 2 was released and there have been many new features and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Added support for the F5 key to refresh all report pages.
  • Hotkeys added for paging up and down, and back and forth through instance level reports.
    • CTRL + up arrow, or CTRL + PGUP to switch to the previous instance.
    • CTRL + down arrow or CTRL + PGDOWN to switch to the next instance.
    • CTRL + left arrow to switch to the previous report.
    • CTRL + right arrow to switch to the next report.
  • For historic monitoring, it is no longer required to enter your username and password to set up monitoring if you are monitoring the current instance.
  • From the connection advisor you now have the ability to kill the session you are viewing.
  • The main list of databases has been renamed to the Database Health Monitor – Performance Dashboard.
  • The performance dashboard now includes a summary of total server memory, and for SQL Server 2008 and newer it shows the available memory.
  • The performance dashboard now shows the active query count. Those that are in memory and running for more than a second.
  • Quick Scan Report – many additional checks
    • Reporting for autoshrink and autoclose added to the Quick Scan Report.
    • Check for the default max server memory setting.
    • Check for bloated error logs that haven’t been cycled in a while.
    • Adding check for DBCC CheckDB never run, or not recently run.
    • Check for page verify option of NONE or TORN_PAGE_DETECTION.
  • Added a percentage column to the CPU used by database report.
  • Instance reports panel added into the server overview page. Previously you could only get to the instance reports from the right click popup menu, now they are easier to get to.
  • Instance level reports added.
    • Backup Status Report
    • Configuration Values
    • CPU By Database
    • Database by Size
    • I/O by Drive
    • Job History
    • Sessions by Login
    • Trace Flags
    • What is Active
  • Right click ability to kill sessions from the current connections report.
  • Added a help text panel on the bottom left, which gives additional details on some of the reports.
  • CTRL+a for select all on the connections advisor dialog.
  • CTRL+a for select all on the backup advisor restore chain script.
  • CTRL+a for select all on the one time query advisor.


With all these new features and all of the existing features, this application is becoming extremely useful to DBAs and database developers worldwide.

One of my favorite new features in this version is the ability to page through the instance level reports and to quickly switch SQL Server instances with the CTRL+Up, CTRL+Down, CTRL+Right, and CTRL+Left key combinations. This saves me so much time when I am checking in on my databases.

Download it for free today at the Database Health Monitor download page at


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