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Yesterday I was asked by a client about consulting questions and for my help without the typical minimum hourly commitment. He pointed out that he has things that he could use help with that don’t require a multi-hour type project. After thinking it over a bit, I decided to add a SQL Server coaching program to my consulting business, I am calling it my SQL Server Mentoring program.

SQL Server Mentoring Process

Here is how it works if you want to utilize my mentoring services.

Step 1:  Set up a mentoring agreement. You can start this with the free 30 minute consultation form to schedule a time to talk to better understand the service, and so that I can better understand your needs and environment.

Step 2: Prepay for 4 or more hours of service.

Step 3: When you have something that you need help with, send me an email or text message with details on specifically what you need help with.

When I get available time, generally less than 8 hours from the request, I will work on your request. I will help steer you in the right direction to get things going. Sometimes this will involve fixing a query, suggesting a solution, or meeting up with a GoToMeeting to explain a topic or to answer a question.

Repeat this process as needed to help with your SQL Server needs.

SQL Server Mentoring Type Questions

  • Query performance
  • SQL Server configuration
  • Disaster recovery planing
  • SQL Server upgrades
  • SQL Server design and development
  • Help with database installs
  • Strange issues occurring with your SQL Server
  • And many more…

Best of all once you sign up for your prepaid mentoring, your mentoring time never expires.

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