Blog hosting trouble while on vacation

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This last weekend I went on vacation to the San Juan islands for 4 nights. Our annual family trip to the islands for some good family time, and fishing.

Here are some photos from the trip.




Alex and George fishing.


George fishing, the concerned look might be due to the number of Orca (Killer Whales) in the area.


Me with one of the 18 salmon that we caught on the trip.


Preparing dinner after a day of catching salmon

Orca1Sunday afternoon the Orca pod decided to put on a show for us. One of the most spectacular whale sightings that I have ever experienced.

The weekend was amazing, however the internet was a bit sketchy at the house that we stayed at on San Juan Island, but I was dealing with outage after outage on my blog. I would like to think it is high availability, but that’s just not the case. After returning I decided to switch my blog back to the Hostgator account that I use for my other sites to deal with the difficulties the hosting company was having.

If you experienced any outages on my site over the weekend, just look at the Orca picture above, and rest assured the problem has been fixed.

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