Database Health Monitor Version 2 Released

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After 4 years of beta and 5500 installs of Database Health Monitor beta releases in the last 2 years, Database Health Monitor version 2 is finally complete. It is no longer in beta. If you are curious about the history of Database Health Monitor, take a look at my post from earlier in the week.

Here is a preview of one of the latest reports added in the Version 2.0 release of Database Health Monitor.

Database Health Monitor Version 2

Also new in the version 2 release is the I/O By Database report as shown here. This report allows you to quickly find the databases that have the most I/O on your SQL Server.

Database Health Monitor Version 2

Here is a list of the new features and bug fixes that have been implemented since the last Beta release.

New Features

  • Removed Beta 3 month expiration.
  • Added the Database I/O overview panel.
  • Added the I/O by database instance level report.
  • Database overview reports on databases set to autoshrink.
  • Added a check for those using Veeam backups. There is a configuration where the Veeam backup breaks the log restore chain. This is now shown in the errors and warnings page.
  • Filtered snapshot backups from the backup restore chain.
  • Backup report now differentiates copy only backups from normal backups.
  • Added ctrl+a for select all on the historic query advisor.
  • Fixed a bug in the log restore chain script in the backup report.
  • Added the database CPU heat map to show the average CPU load hour by hour for the last 7 days.
  • Added the instance level linked servers report to display linked servers.
  • Added documentation at for many of the newer reports that were missing help.

Bug Fixes

  • Renamed the “DBCC Last Known Good” report to the “DBCC CheckDB Last Known Good” report, this is a more accurate description.
  • Fixed bug with the linking of the Server Connection report to the connections for a database. The link redirected to the database overview page rather than the connections page.
  • Removed filtered indexes from the duplicate indexes report. This was causing filtered indexes to show up as duplicates.
  • Fixed bug with the historic waits advisor was displaying 2 days in one slot on the chart.
  • Bug fixed with the progress bar not clearing on the connection report when there are no connections.
  • Fixed linking from the needs parameters report on the server overview page.
  • Fixed bug with click through on database I/O on the server overview panel.


Its free, really free, so take a look at the latest release by downloading from


-Steve Stedman

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