Advanced Common Table Expressions – 24 Hours of PASS

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On Wednesday June 24th at 6:00pm pacific time or( 25 Jun 2015 01:00 GMT )

will be speaking at the 24HOP (24 Hours of Pass) conference which is broadcast online.

I will be presenting on Advanced Common Table Expressions, and it is going to be fun.



Here is the session abstract.

You have been introduced to Common Table Expression, you understand the WITH syntax, but you want to know more. Learn how to recursive queries work with CTEs and how to display hierarchical data. Did you know that you can INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data from CTEs. Some of the common use cases for CTEs will be covered including finding holes in patterns, finding and removing duplicate data, string parsing, and more. See how CTEs compare to SQL Server 2012 offset and fetch paging techniques. Get an in depth understanding of the performance behind a common table expression. Understand when the CTE is the right solution, and the wrong solution to use. Finally we will take a look at some classic recursive algorithms and how they can be implemented with CTEs. Take away several CTE samples that you can use to extend your TSQL query abilities.


It should be a good time.


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