Month: June 2015

Interview with Brent Ozar

Almost a month ago Brent Ozar did a blog interview with me regarding the Database Corruption Challenge so I thought I would return the gesture and do the same for him. I ended up going to the Bellingham SQL Server

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Database Health Monitor Version 2 Almost Done

Over the last 4 years I have been working on the Database Health Monitor. I am about a week away from releasing Version 2, which will finally be out of the beta process. In preparation for the release I am

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I will be presenting at PASS Summit 2015 in October

The speaker lineup for PASS SUMMIT 2015 was announced today and my Advanced Common Table Expressions session was accepted.   Here is the abstract: You might have been introduced to Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and understand the WITH syntax, but

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Database Corruption Challenge #8 has Ended

With many participants and 16 who correctly solved Corruption Challenge week 8, the challenge has come to an end. The overall winner was Rob Farley, and there were several new participants this week. The scores page has been updated. Some

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Deleting from a CTE with an EXISTS statement

During my 24 Hours of Pass presentation on Advanced CTE’s today I was asked the question about deleting from a CTE when it uses an EXISTS statement that queries another table. I figured I would create quick blog post to show

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24 Hours of PASS – Advanced CTE Presenation

Today I am presenting on Advanced Common Table Expressions as part of the 24 Hours of PASS conference. It is being webcast so check it out if you can. The outline for the presentation will be the following: Recursive Queries

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Extra clue added for Database Corruption Challenge Week 8

Several participants have stated that week 8 is the most difficult week yet. However it is possible to recover all of the corrupt data. For anyone having difficult with Database Corruption Challenge week 8, I have added an extra clue.

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Advanced Common Table Expressions – 24 Hours of PASS

On Wednesday June 24th at 6:00pm pacific time or( 25 Jun 2015 01:00 GMT ) will be speaking at the 24HOP (24 Hours of Pass) conference which is broadcast online. I will be presenting on Advanced Common Table Expressions, and it is

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Corruption Challenge #8

Welcome to the eighth week of 10 in the Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC), this is an about weekly competition. Here is how it works; I have created a corrupt database, hopefully more corrupt or more interesting than the previous week. I

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Database Corruption Challenge #8 – Coming Soon

Database Corruption Challenge #8 will be starting at 6:00pm today (Friday June 19th).  Check back soon for the details. Are you feeling corrupt?   -Steve Stedman

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