Is Database Corruption Challenge #4 Too Diabolical?

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Can you solve Week 4 of the Database Corruption Challenge?

17 hours after launching the fourth in the series of Database Corruption Challenges, so far 1 winner, and many people asking for additional clues.

My goal this week was to make a more difficult challenge that involved different methods of recovering the data than any of the previous challenges. Plus being out of work the last week, I had plenty of time to build a more diabolical, a more evil challenge.


The Database Corruption Challenge is intended as a fun learning competition, and I don’t want anyone to give up, so I did add an additional clue to the original challenge #4 description. There is a spoiler alert, so you don’t accidentally read the clue if you don’t want to, but the clue is there if you need it.

Also remember I will be giving a t-shirt away to the winners of the challenge at the end of the 10 week period. So hang in there you can solve this weeks challenge.



Enjoy the Database Corruption Challenge, and yes it is challenging.

-Steve Stedman

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