Corruption Challenge #5 Coming Soon

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Database Corruption Challenge #5 is coming soon. Those who subscribe to my newsletter will know the exact date and time of the next Database Corruption Challenge.


Lets take a look back at the winners from the previous challenges.

If you want to see where you stand in the scoring, please check out the current scores page.

Looking back at corruption challenge #4, the Change Data Capture in the database may not have been the best corruption challenge, and after that challenge I did promise to not use CDC on any corrupt database going forward, at least for the rest of this challenge.

What do I have in store for Challenge #5, stick around and you will find out soon.

There have been a large number of requests that the next corruption challenge be hosted on a weekday, rather than a weekend. So for now, I am going to say that the next corruption challenge will last for 3 days, and it will not start on a weekend. If you want more details than that, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

-Steve Stedman

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2 comments on “Corruption Challenge #5 Coming Soon
  1. Patrick Flynn says:

    Hi Steve

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with having Change Data Capture, Triggers or Case Sensitive Collation in the challenge.

    The main point is giving participants a chance to learn and practice Recovery techniques.
    One of these is possibility that we need to recover an unfamiliar database.

    I know personally that Challenge 4 has caused me to expand my list of recovery scripts to include a script that will report any unusual settings.


    Patrick Flynn

  2. paSQuaLe says:

    Hi Steve, I prefer challenge on weekend but this is my opinion.


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