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This year the Denver SQL Saturday is being held on September 19th.


I believe it has been 2 years since I attended SQL Saturday in Denver.  Since the last time I was at SQL Saturday Denver, my employment has changed. Previously I was employed as a full time employee at a local company. Now I am a freelance database consultant at my own consulting firm, Stedman Solutions, LLC. The new role gives me more freedom to decide which events I am going to attend, and SQL Saturday Denver is certainly on my list.

Earlier in the year I set my own Epic Life Quest goals list which included the following goal.

  • Speak at my 20th SQL Saturday Event

So far I have spoken at 8 SQL Saturdays, including SQL Saturday #190 in Denver, in 2013.  I have currently been accepted to speak at SQL Saturday Redmond in a couple weeks, and hope to be accepted at SQL Saturday Vancouver BC at the end of June. Those would be me at 10 SQL Saturdays, which leave me 10 more to present at in order to meet my epic life quest goals.

The part that I like most about SQL Saturday Denver is the people (not to put down any other groups), but the PASS Chapter that runs the SQL Saturday Denver event does an awesome job.

If you can make it to the Denver SQL Saturday on September 19th, 2015, I would strongly recommend you attend.

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