Database Corruption Challenge Week 3 Approaching

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After two great weeks of the database corruption challenge, week 3 is approaching. I have a few things to announce as we go into week 3.

The database corruption challenge will run over 10 weeks at which point another challenge will begin, and everyone will start out with a fresh score, sort of like bowling. This post I am going to cover scoring and prizes, just to keep it interesting.

Scoring the Challenge

I realized that I had never finalized the scoring of the competition. Here are the scoring criteria that I have come up with.

  • Each week you can earn the following points:
    • 2 points for being the first to submit a correct solution, as long as you mention the contest on twitter, with a link.
    • 1 point for submitting a correct solution before the deadline
  • Once in the competition you can earn points for the following:

Points will be scored week over week and after 10 weeks an overall winner will be announced, and a new challenge will begin.

Here are the current rankings:

  • (3 points) Rob Farley – Week 2 Winner
  • (2 points) Brent Ozar – Week 1 Winner
  • (2 points) Nicolette Carpenter Boddie
  • (2 points) Parikshit Savjani
  • (2 points) Ivan Rodriguez Camejo
  • (2 points) André Kamman
  • (2 points) Subhro Saha
  • (2 points) Neil Abrahams
  • (2 points) Rui Bastos
  • (2 points) Sébastien Piché
  • (2 points) Bogdan Sahlean
  • The following all have 1 point
    • Arthur Baan
    • Damian Widera
    • Dan Brennan
    • Dave Walden
    • David Patterson
    • John Morehouse
    • John Sterrett
    • Jon Gurgul
    • Lucas Kartawidjaja
    • Michel Bruggeman
    • Pasquale Ceglie
    • Patrick Flynn
    • Patrick Keisler
    • Pedro Ferreira
    • Prageet Surheley
    • Raul Gonzalez
    • Robin Watkins
    • Shawn Johnson
    • Walden H. Leverich
    • wBob


I am still working out the details on prizes. It should be something that can be awarded in person in Seattle sometime around the PASS Summit later in the year. Perhaps a trophy, a t-shirt, or a dinner. Let me work on this one, I will have more details to announce next week. I am thinking that the size of the prize may be based on the number of people we get in the competition. So please help me spread the word about the contest.


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