Month: April 2015

Database Corruption Challenge T-Shirt

The Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC 2015) t-shirt is now available at CafePress. It looks something like this. Check it out and order one to show your participation in the Database Corruption Challenge. Last week, I mentioned that I would come up with prizes

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Bellingham SQL Server Users Group – May 20th

The Bellingham SQL Server Users Group will be having its next meeting on May 20th at 6:00pm. This is free event for the local SQL Server community. What is the Bellingham SQL Server Users Group? PASS Chapters are local user

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SQL Saturday Redmond

Yesterday I blogged about submitting to SQL Saturday Denver, which is about 5 months away, after writing that post, I realized that I haven’t even blogged about SQL Saturday Redmond which is occurring in just over 2 weeks. SQL Saturday

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SQL Saturday Denver

This year the Denver SQL Saturday is being held on September 19th. I believe it has been 2 years since I attended SQL Saturday in Denver.  Since the last time I was at SQL Saturday Denver, my employment has changed. Previously

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TSQL – Change Data Capture

You have a need to keep track of all insert, update and delete actions on a table, or multiple tables. As you consider solutions, you might think about using a trigger, however triggers have their own baggage. You consider using

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Database Corruption Challenge Week 3 Results

It is my pleasure to announce the winners in the Week 3 Database Corruption Challenge. But first how about a rundown of challenge. The challenge was issued at 10:00pm (pacific time) on Friday night. Yes, this was a difficult time

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MySQL JOIN Types for LinuxFest Northwest

Today I had the opportunity to present at LinuxFest Northwest on MySQL Join Types, using the MySQL JOIN Types poster in the presentation. It was a good session, about 30 people in attendance. Lots of great questions were asked. Here

Week 3 of the Database Corruption Challenge

Welcome to week 3 of the database corruption challenge. Hi, I am Steve Stedman and I have created this challenge to help the best and brightest SQL Server DBAs on the planet test their skills and to show expertise to

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Database Corruption Challenge Week 3 Approaching

After two great weeks of the database corruption challenge, week 3 is approaching. I have a few things to announce as we go into week 3. The database corruption challenge will run over 10 weeks at which point another challenge

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