SQL Training – Functions (70-461)

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In this presentation we will be training on TSQL Functions, there will be three sections.

  • —Date and Time Functions
  • —Logical Functions
  • —User Defined Functions

Here is the link to the Google On Air Broadcast where you can watch live (or recorded later) for free.


Here are the slides.

And here is the broadcast at YouTube:

This session will be about 90 minutes, I will be presenting Date and Time Functions, along with the Logical Functions, and Aaron will be presenting User Defined Functions.

The Date and Time functions section will include GETDATE(), DATEPART(), DATEADD(), DATEDIFF(), EOMONTH (2012), along with a variety of DATE/TIME FROMPARTS Functions. Following that will be the logical functions which includes CASE, IIF, CHOOSE, and COALESCE. ISNULL is usually covered in this section, but we already covered that in an earlier session.

The slides and sample code are available for download here: Functions.zip.


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