SQL Server Join Types Poster (Version 2)

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So many times I have been asked for help with a query, where the questoin really comes down to the understanding of the difference between INNER and LEFT or RIGHT JOINs. I created this poster a few years ago and I keep it posted on the wall at the office. This way when I am trying to explain JOIN types, I just refer to the poster.

I have created the poster below to help describe JOIN types in SQL Server. This had lead to lots of confusion over time, and this is the best way that I have seen to describe them.

If you are looking for the MySQL version of the poster, click here.

click to download JoinTypes.pdfjoinTypeThumbnailclick to download JoinTypes.pdf
The diagram shows the following: INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN with exclusion, RIGHT OUTER JOIN with exclusion, FULL OUTER JOIN, CROSS JOIN, FULL OUTER JOIN with exclusion, two INNER JOINs, two FULL OUTER JOINs, and two LEFT OUTER JOINs.


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7 comments on “SQL Server Join Types Poster (Version 2)
  1. Neil M says:

    What about LATERAL joins?

  2. Don E says:

    Great idea– awesome poster! Can you please put your version number somewhere in the poster so that I can keep track of which one I am looking at. Also, an Oracle version would be nice. Thanks for all your contributions to the SQL community!!

  3. Pantelis Theodosiou says:

    The poster suggests that FULL JOIN is the same as CROSS JOIN, which of course it isn’t.

  4. Ashish says:

    Thank you for the poster.

  5. shaikilliyaz says:

    nice explanation sir i saw ur vedios,it amaizing and i need to join with ur class

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