Epic Life Quest Level 1 – partially completed today.

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After being inspired by reading about Brent Ozar’s Epic Life Quest, I created my own Epic Life Quest list, and for level 1 one of my goals was to run in a 5K race. I completed that goal today, I finished a 5k race, I wasn’t fast, but I did complete it. My time was  37 minutes and 57 seconds.  Overall I placed 303rd out of 528. In the men’s division, I placed 89th of of 135.  My son Alex did much better than I did, he placed overall 18th out of 528, and 13th out of 135 in the men’s division, nice job Alex.

This 5k was the Runnin’ O the Green put on by the Bellingham Parks and Rec department.

It was just a couple weeks ago that I created my Epic Life Quest list and of the first 11 items that I created for Level 1, I have already completed 3 of them. The current list of completed items is:

• Start a PASS Chapter (Completed March 2015)
• Weigh less than 221 lbs, this takes me out of the obese category. (Completed March 2015)
• Participate in a 5k race (Completed March 2015)

Here are some photos from the race.

The first photo is my view near the start of the race. Yes, those are rain clouds in the photo, it did start raining part way through, and the rain actually felt quite nice. A typical March day in Bellingham.


37 minutes and 55 seconds later, here I am at the finish line.



What a fun race, I would like to do that again.

Now that I have completed this, I have already added 2 additional Epic Life Goals to level 2 these are:

• Finish a 5K race in under 34 minutes.
• Participate in an 8K race.

Both of which I see as doable, its just going to take some training.

Now on to my other Epic Level 1 Life Goals. Here is my current remaining To Do list for Level 1.

  • 25K monthly page views on SteveStedman.com
  • Speak at PASS Summit
  • Dive vacation somewhere tropical
  • Pay for Marcia to finish nursing school, and be supportive
  • Speak at my 20th SQL Saturday Event
  • Write code to calculate 10 Billion Prime numbers with SQL Server
  • I also have a financial goal that I am going to keep confidential for now.

I just want to say thanks to Brent Ozar for inspiring me to create my own Epic Life Quest list and to get started on it, I may never have run in a 5k without this inspiration.

-Steve Stedman

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One comment on “Epic Life Quest Level 1 – partially completed today.
  1. Brent Ozar says:

    Awesome, that’s fantastic! Finishing the first 5K seems impossible when you first get off the couch, and then all of a sudden you’re doing it, and then it’s addictive. Welcome to the quest, sir!

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