This Weeks SQL Server Queries Training

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This weeks SQL Queries training for the 70-461 certification will be on Thursday at 9:00am (US pacific time). Please join the live broadcast on Google On Air Hangouts, or catch the recorded version on my YouTube Channel.

Aaron Buma will be presenting the first half of the session and I will be presenting the second half.

We will start off with all the features around the TOP(N) in your query, followed by using the RANK(), DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER. Then on to Analytic Functions to help with your statistical analysis of data. Similar to aggregate functions, analytics functions compute over a group of rows with multiple results within each group. Learn how to properly use each of these analytics functions in combination with enhancements to the OVER clause. Learn the value of CUME_DIST and PERCENT_RANK in your analysis, use LAST_VALUE and FIRST_VALUE along with PERCENTILE_DISC, PERCENTILE_CONT, LEAD and LAG you can look at data in the next and previous rows.

This presentation will be a few Power Point slides that present the high level overview, followed by in depth query demos. Check back for the sample code after the presentation.

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