Does SQL Server work with PHP

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Coming from a SQL Server, and PHP background, I often get asked, does SQL Server work with PHP?

The answer is YES. I have been using SQL Server and PHP together in a high availability load balanced environment with multiple data centers for the last 4 years.

Microsoft offers drivers that plug into PHP to allow the connectivity. You get support for parameterized queries, record sets, and everything that might need to work in this environment.

The first set of PHP / SQL Server drivers that I tried over 4 years ago, was a big buggy, it had some memory leaks, but what we have been using has been completely stable for the last 4 years.

I have only used PHP connecting to SQL Server from a Windows based web server (IIS). I have never tried, and don’t even know if it works on Apache or Linux.

Here is a link to the drivers at Microsoft

-Steve Stedman

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