TSQL Aggregation Strategies and Aggregating Data

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This weeks training as part of the Free SQL Training for the 70-461 certification course is now available on YouTube. This week we covered Aggregating Data and Aggregation strategies.  For more information on sessions, take a look at the Free SQL Training course that we have outlined.

TSQL Aggregation video

The first half is presented by Aaron Buma and the second half is me. This is the first public broadcast of 45 weeks for Free SQL Training.

Here is the outline for the TSQL Aggregation session:

  • COUNT(), SUM(), MIN(), MAX(), AVG()
    • —Accounting for NULLs
    • —Grouping on multiple fields
    • —Ordering Results
  • —HAVING – Filtering on Aggregate fields
    • —Filtering on Aggregate and non-aggregate fields
  • OVER Clause (Windowing Functions)
    • With GROUP BY
  • Performance

Here are the TSQL Aggregation slides:

Download this zip file for the TSQL Aggregation slides and sample code used in the training.
70-461 Training – Aggregation.zip

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