Database Health Monitor Beta 9.2 Released Today

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I released Database Health Monitor Beta version 9.2 today.  No new features, just lots of bug fixing.

I don’t want to make it sound like database health reports is unstable, it is very stable, however with any software there are occasionally unexpected things that cause a crash. My goal is to get Database Health monitor as close to zero crash reports as possible, and to keep it there.

After doing some fixup on the crash reporting in the preview beta, I am now getting better details when something crashes in the application. For this beta and the next I will be mostly focused on overall stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the column formatting on the Unclustered Tables report and the Connections report.
  • Improvement of the Pie chart pages, including
    • Reducing flashing on pie charts with only once piece.
    • Pie slice should highlight on mouse over not just on click
  • The Active Queries Report, now supports click or double click to show query advisor dialog.
  • Adding better exception handling and error bailout on the real time overview page
  • Cleaning up some of the layout on the technical debt dialogs.
  • Re-factoring code around the beta expiration dates
  • Removing reference to obsolete modules

Other Notes

Based on the increased popularity of Database Health Monitor, with more people using the program, there are more fringe case crash reports coming in.  There were many fixes in this update to fix more of those fringe case crash reports. The overall crash reporting has also been enhanced to allow for better tracking and fixing of crash reports in the future.


Remember when you run the install program there is a checkbox to allow the program to send crash reports to the developer. Please keep this checked so that I can have the most information possible when something does crash.



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